Greetings weekend warrior rabbits! It’s gotten late in the night and I need to get my beauty sleep, so we’re going to make this quick and dirty. But not too dirty. First, what I wore this week…



Row 1 – That was Sunday through Tuesday. Very cold. Also, I was feeling the polka dot love…

Row 2 – Slightly warmer, still cardigan city, This was Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Row 3 – Today was finally in he 70’s! Yay


Horizontal pleats!

Now for fun stuff from my (now caught up, sort of) blog-reading… first off, I thought this skirt from Analog Me was so cool! And the fearless slashing of the pattern pieces… she is clearly an awesome possum!


[image Analog Me]


The Great Depression… in COLOR!!

I remember seeing these color photos from the 30’s and 40’s somewhere a while ago. Probably Gawker – that’s where I get all my news. Anyway, I was so blown away I remember posting a link to them on Facebook. I was excited to see a few of them posted on the blog Inder Loves Folk Art! I m seriously entranced by the color of the pictures! Check out the whole collection on Flickr. There’s not a huge number of photos of people, but I LOVE seeing what people were wearing and the details are so much more fun in color!


[image inder loves folk art]

Embroidered BOOTS!!

OK, I think I linked to the same blog last week, but I couldn’t resist these awesome embroidered BOOTS!! I think you guys know I love me some good stitchin’ – and what a way to take some el cheapo, stretchy boots and make them into little foot treasures!


[image dreamland]

Bicycle lessons

Finally – a quick inquiry. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m currently learning to ride my three-wheeled bike – I even rode it to work today! So here’s my question: I wore my Colette Crepe to work and it was alright on the bike, but there were a few close-flashing calls. So, advice on how to bike in a skirt without shoing everone my business?

Thanks! I hope all you turkies have a great weekend! I’ll be at the shop for a good portion of Saturday AND Sunday. And hopefully I’ll get in the garden for a a few minutes!!

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