Greetings chupacabras! I believe in you, although I wish you’d stop sucking goat blood. And if I hear you’re going after pygmy goats, I’ll send Lucy the hound after you. She’s ferocious and we’re pretty sure her slobber is venomous…

It’s already that time of the week! I’m still feeling discombobulated from the roadtrip, but I have outfit posts for you…

Top Row: Roadtrip! Friday, Saturday and Sunday (oops! forgot a photo that day!)

Middle Row: Monday (last roadtrip day…) Tuesday, Wednesday

Bottom Row: Thursday, Friday “day”, Friday “date night in the rain…”

I am so in love with my yellow rainboots! OK, now, let’s see what I have from the googles…


Handworked Buttonholes


Some of you may remember that I attempted handworked buttonholes on my Sound of Music coat and around the same time Sunni, of A Fashionable Stitch, did an excellent tutorial on the subject. Nevertheless, I don’t think I’ll ever read TOO many tips on the subject. Check out this tutorial with some interesting links from Made By Hand – The Great Sartorial Debate. Also check out this post on the same blog for even more buttonhole photos and techniques!


All the cool kids are knitting…


Did all y’all see Stitchywitch’s gorgeous cardigan?? I love the shape, the ribbing, the color, the everything. And the best part? The pattern (Audrey in Unst, available for download for $6!) goes up to a size 50 1/2”! Lovely, isn’t it – and isn’t her photography the best? If you’re not already a follower, hop on over to her blog, Green Apples, for tons of sewing AND knitting goodness!


Another style blogger for me to stalk…


Alrighty goat-blood-lovers… while sewing blogs remain my main obsession, I find that I’m adding more and more style and fashion blogs to my reader. Here’s another new favorite, Vixen Vintage. I’m a sucker for bright colors and great photography and this blog has both! For more info on this great quilted dress, divine shoes and FOUR petticoats, take your little chupacabra-rumps over to this post!

And that, my pretties, is that! The rest of my weekend will be taken up with working in the shop, working on some sewing kits-in-a-jar and pincushions to sell on consignment and starting work on my May dress. Here’s a hint… I’ve got five yards of rose-printed cotton drying and will be stitching LOTS of buttonholes (by machine, not hand) in the next week or so!

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