Greetings earthlings! I am contacting you from the strange new world of Etsyville. Everything is very orderly here. All square photos and craftiness abounds…

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I (try to) keep a steady supply of pincushions at the shop to sell on consignment and I’ve finally gathered my wits enough to also set up an Etsy store! Here’s what’s in the shop so far (click on image to jump over to the Etsy listing.)

I will likely add a few more things as time goes by (any requests??) New items will be in the same vein – colorful and useful. As I say on Etsy “The 3snugbugs design philosophy is summed up in three words: color, function and style. Expect fun details, fine finishing and funky fabrics in every 3snugbugs project!”

It was fun to put together my own shop – we use Etsy to manage online store sales at Sewtropolis, so I’m already very familiar with the site, but it’s a bit different when it’s all my very own stuff!

Stop by and take a look! 3snugbugs on Etsy.

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