Morning Wiener Schnitzels! I have to admit that June has been a poor month for me, blog-wise. Take my present-making activities (quilts and baby gear) – totally off-topic for the blog AND, especially in the case of the quilt, not very blog-worthy as progress is infinitesimal compared to regular garment sewing… add in my catch up on making sale goods for the shop and top off with an overgrown garden calling my name and FINALLY semi-cooperative weather and what you have is a pretty half-As**#D sewing blog! Although, I bet my MOM has been enjoying posts, as I’m working on projects more up her alley! Although, funny mom story – the day I posted my May dress – the tribal maxi – she called me and ‘ordered’ one. General community announcement (mom) this is a sewing blog, not a shopping catalog!! Tee-hee.

Ah well, there’s an end in sight. The baby gear is in the mail, the wedding is next weekend so one way or the other, quilt updates are nearly done and I’ve entered into a weird obsession with the Claire Cami dress. Indeed, I cannot make just one.

While this blog has been off-track and odd, posting to my daily outfit (snugbug365) had come to a screeching halt! This is sort of amusing, as it’s ALSO Me-Made-June and I’m (sort of) participating! I’ve been feeling pretty guilty over the complete lack of posts – not only are the two regular followers of that blog left with a gaping hole in their hearts, but I just hate not keeping up with something I’ve assigned myself to do! I DID keep notes and yesterday finally threw on all the outfits (eight days worth!!!) and did a bunch of catch-up photos. My daily outfits are now (nearly) documented – I couldn’t remember what I wore on the 7th of June – and the Me Made June Flickr pool has been updated. Here’s the month so far…

memadejune copy

I’ve found the warm-weather me-made month to be more difficult than anticipated! I’ve always slogged through the other months (September, May, March) thinking that it’d be a CINCH in the summer as I make so many dresses!! Turns out I may make a lot of dresses, but when the weather gets hot, I live in store-bought camis and some variety of shorts (see the outfit from the 8th…) Both are items that I have little interest in sewing as I view them as 100% utility clothing that I can buy cheap and would be bored making. I’d rather make 18 versions of the Claire Cami dress, after all! Also, at this time of year I spend a lot of time in the garden on my knees, hind end waving about in the air… not totally skirt-appropriate (I DID garden in the outfit on the 16th. It wasn’t horrible.) When I’m not digging in the dirt, this is serious Lucy walking season and I don’t love walking Lucy in a skirt in the hot, humid weather. First, it’s uncomfortable to walk a few miles without wearing bike shorts or something like that under my skirt. And I don’t own any bike shorts. Second, I wear my birthday-sneaks on Lucy walks and while I love the look of a flippy skirt and a pair of Chucks, I’m not sold on the skirt and the Nikes… So while I HAVE been putting on ‘real clothes’ for part of the day, I also spend a lot of the day in camis, shorts and my McGyvered crops!

I really love how these me-made months help me analyze what I’m wearing and why!

What should we talk about?

OK you delicious breaded veal chops (ewwwwww, actually) I don’t have my normal, accompanying picks of my three favorite posts from blogland… I’m hopelessly behind in my reading blogs. Newsrack (my ipod app) is showing 1776 unread posts. Sigh. In lieu of that, I decided to play with Zoomerang, a poll-building website. It’s time for your voices to be heard… lemme know what you’d like to see more of on the blog! I was constrained to twelve choices, so it’s not the best list in the world. If I missed something, check off the last option and let me know in the comments! You SHOULD be able to choose as many topics as you like and once you click ‘done’ you can see the results from everyone else’s vote! So go forth and vote. Photo ID’s not required…

**Updated 6/19 Hey Guys! This survey was FUN!! I’ll post results soon, but in the meantime, zoomerang only allows 100 responses, so the survey is now closed!**

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