Today is the first day of Me Made June! A super fun project that has 147 sewists and others signed up! It’s a simple project – each participant pledges to wear a certain number of handmade garments every day in June. In previous me-made months I’ve aimed for one handmade garment a day, but for this month I’m grudgingly stepping it up a bit and aiming for all me-made with a few exceptions… cardigans, dog-walking duds, gardening get-ups and I’m guessing there’ll be a few RTW tanks that make it in during the month. I mean, I can make ‘em, but why??

tank: handmade, not blogged

skirt: handmade, not blogged

cardigan: New York & Co, purchased last summer

bracelets: bangles from Avenue, leather strap handmade, blogged here

shoes: Target (available here)

necklace: can’t remember!!

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