Morning you lazy basset hounds! Oh, wait, there’s just ONE lazy basset hound here – fast asleep on the loveseat, on her back with her legs sticking up in the air and her ears hanging off the edge of the cushions.

It’s Friday and tomorrow Mr. Bug, the lazy hound and myself are packing up and heading north. A friend is getting married (remember the feverish quilt plotting?) and the wedding’s on Saturday. I still have a bit more quilting to do and the binding to attach. I’m going to cheat on the binding and do the whole thing by machine!

Before I log off to lug my machine into the kitchen (more space on the kitchen table for quilts!) I thought I’d report on the results from my recent poll activity! Last week I asked in a SUPER SCIENTIFIC POLL what kind of posts all y’all would like to see more of. I used the free survey tool at Zoomerang and as such am limited to only seeing the first 100 responses. Here they are.

poll results

In order we have…

  1. Tied for first: More tutorials, more reveals. 68% of the vote.OK. A no-brainer. I mean, that’s why we’re all here, right? That’s my favorite thing to read on blogs as well. Actually, I WAY more like reveals than tutorials. Unless, of course, I’m trying to figure out how to do something. I really love seeing the results on real people! That’s why I like Pattern Review and Burda so much as well.
  2. More shop stuff: new patterns, fabrics and other fun things. 57% of the vote. OK, you surprised me here! I thought this would come in LAST! I’ve been reticent about talking too much about the shop, so this was an eye opener! Going forward I’ll do more posts on the goods that we’re getting in and I’ll also try to be better at listing sources and information on fabrics, etc. that I’m using! BY the way… did you know that we ship patterns in the U.S. for FREE??? Did you know that we carry Colette and Sewaholic?? If you’re needing to stock up, head on over to our Etsy shop! And while you’re there, check out all the voiles that we have in – shipping on fabric is a a flat rate of $4.95!! I think we have enough of that Anna Maria Horner voile left to make one more maxi dress
  3. Inspiration and planning posts. 54% of the vote. This one was a surprise! I tend to shy away from too much “this is what I wanna do” type of stuff, as I’d rather wait and post about what I actually got done!! And I don’t want to be accused of being the blogger that is just posting pictures of other folkses’ stuff. Because I know how accusatory we can all get here in the sewblogging world (hee hee – sarcasm. Sewing bloggers and friends are the least accusatory people in the world. Unless we’re accusing each other of awesomeness, right??) When I think about it, though, I love seeing inspiration posts that all ya’ll are doing, so I’m not sure where I got this anti-inspiration bias!
  4. Sewing school posts! 48% of the vote. yay! I like these too! I’ll definitely keep going with these! The first school session will continue to be Patterns 101. I’ve got a fun interview-type post planned with a girl who worked for one of the pattern companies! Watch for that in the (hopefully) near future!
  5. More style posts! 46% of the vote. I was curious where this would end up in the ranking. About you half of you voting-hounds like the style stuff. I like it too. We’ll do more of that.
  6. Philosophical posts. 33% of the vote. I haven’t done many of these – I’m not sure I’m that philosophical by nature (I guess. What does it mean to be philosophical??) and much like the inspirational posts, I’m more inclined to do a show-and-tell than throw stuff out there, although you all have super-interesting things to say and I love, love, love reading comments! Start looking to see a few of these posts tossed in the mix every now and again! I have a fondness for yay or nay style posts… AND I’m plotting on some technical changes ‘round here that’ll (hopefully) mean threaded comments for all – very conducive for conversations in the comments!
  7. Let’s see the garden. 25% of the vote. Wow guys! I just threw that in there because it’s been on my mind lately and I love to take pictures in my garden. I’ll continue to do so, just for those of us who love the catmint and compost as much as dresses and thread!
  8. Daily outfits. 22% of the vote. I’ve been really behind on my daily outfit posts lately, although I keep notes and do catch-up photo sessions! Hopefully, July will be a little easier for me to get through! I don’t really like having two blogs, although I totally get that many of you are into sewing, not style blogs. I’m hatching a plan to have the best of both worlds… more on that soon!
  9. Crafty projects. 16% of the vote. OK. You guys are just not that into the crafty stuff! That makes perfect sense, as I mostly write about garment making, so naturally most people who bother to stop by my blog are also interested in garment making! BUT, since I work at a sewing shop that is adding yarn and needlework supplies to its stock AND I just re-whetted my taste for quilts, all ya’ll are going to have to budge over a bit to make some room for the crafty-curious. I’ll keep those posts to the reveal-eye-candy type, though. Even the most hardened garment makers amongst you cannot resist brightly colored cotton. Admit it.
  10. Bring back the dream jobs. 10%. Last place. Poor dream jobs posts! As much as I love knowing how things work, I have to agree that these should stay low in the content rotation!

So what’s next? Well, my hound-friends, I’m working on a major overhaul of the site. As in, hello WordPress. When I initially started this blog, it was more of a small house-and-wedding thing for Mr. Bug to read! I already had a blogger account and off I went. Once I started blogging about SEWING and caught the blog-bug, I already had a few followers and didn’t want to do a platform switch. I’ve always, always wished that I’d gone with WordPress and recently Facebook made a change that renders the images from Blogger/Picasa hosted blogs in a super-craptastic manner, which was the straw that broke this blogging camel’s back.

Last fall I set up my current domain ( and hopefully most followers and subscribers are going to my actual there and not the blogspot address, so I think the time is ripe for a switch. It should be relatively painless, you’ll just wake up one day to a slightly flashier Snug Bug. Flashier as in awesome, not as in everything is animated. Because animation makes me buggy. We’ll make the big change in the next few weeks, there’ll be a few new things that some of you may love, and for those of you who are happy just the way it is, there’ll be an option for you to continue almost-as-normal! In any case, I’m not changing my blog address, just my looks, so you can just sit back and enjoy the show!

Since it saddens me to see a blog post so woefully low on photos… here’s a few snapshots of the B&B that the bears will be staying at this weekend. A dog-friendly B&B, ya’ll!! We stayed there last October, so if you’ve been ‘round these parts since then, you’ll recognize these pics!




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