Hey there woeful eyed donkeys with detachable tails! Even though it’s already TWO DAYS into July, I thought I should still add an official entry to the year of the dress project. I think we can all agree that the June dress HAS to be the Claire Cami dress from Serendipity Studios. Because, guess what? I made another one!


That’s three of these in June. And I’m not done, yet. If you think my sewing blog has gotten boring, what with me only making one pattern over and over, you should see what I’m wearing. Just these three dress – they are that comfy and awesome! I literally don’t think I can have enough of them! (OK, I’m lying. I’m wearing my deer-in-the-woods crepe as I type this…)

For this version I mixed up the prints a bit to give it a bit more of a shirt-n-skirt vibe rather than dress. We’ve had this Oliver & S fabric in the shop for a while and I’ve been in LOVE with the turquoise and orange viney print that I used for the skirt, but haven’t gotten around to making anything from it! I particularly like it with a cardigan with this mix of prints…


Is it a dress? Is it a skirt? What IS it??

Hey! Guys! Are you paying attention? I don’t KNOW where your tails are. Next time, trying stapling them on. Egad.

Well, since this is the third post this month on the same dress I feel like I’ve said everything I have to say on the subject. I changed nothing about the pattern. For construction, I used methods we’d use in the classroom (e.g. easy and time-saving) the seam allowances are pinked as are the edges of the facings. All the facings are in the same viney print as the skirt for a bit of contrast. Funny story – this dress is destined to be a shop sample, so I really wanted to finish it exactly as we would in a class. Unfortunately, I was sewing late at night and rather sleepy, so the skirts side seams are french seams. I forgot I was doing it the ‘easy’ way and went on auto-pilot!

Since I don’t have many details for you on construction, I thought I’d amuse you with this series of photos that showed up from my photo session. Apparently, I prefer my hair PUFFY!! These were all taken within 2 seconds of each other…



Skirt fabric – Oliver + S City Weekend – Park Ramble in Turquoise (available online – also available in cotton knit interlock)

Bodice fabricOliver + S City Weekend – Cobblestone in Turquoise (available online)

Trim fabric – Oliver + S City Weekend – Roundabout Dots in Orange Red (available online)

I’ll be teaching this as a class in July! Class dates are July 7th and 14th (it’s a two session class.) If you’re in Minneapolis, come on down and join me! [Register online]


Quick note – it’s Moving Weekend! (You don’t need to do anything, I hired movers.)

As I’ve mentioned, I am migrating over to WordPress. Next time you see a post from me, the site will look a bit different! There may be some down time over the next few days, but look for the next post mid-week! My web address will NOT change, so you need to do nothing, just keep coming back! Just wanted to let you know that (for a change) my radio silence will be for a good reason. Not because I got sucked into petting the basset hound for 10 hours straight and didn’t get anything done!

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