Greetings ground squirrels! Do you gaze wistfully at your airborn cousins, wishing you had a bit of extra skin between your appendages so you, too could sail peacefully in the treetops? I didn’t think so.
Getting back to business, my bumpy transition to WordPress is (more or less) over!! It took a bit longer than I anticipated, due 100% to my numbskull approach to web design and coding. I have to admit to a small degree of surprise that I didn’t make like the little old lady in Romania and accidentally bring down the entire interwebs in the last few days. But I didn’t and here we are.

With the new site I added a few things and rearranged a few things, so I thought a formal introduction would be in order. Squirrels, meet snugbug. I know your little squirrel legs are tired from having to climb instead of fly to get to the tree tops. And then there’s the mental exhaustion from having to continually check your little squirrel-laptops to see if my site was back. Let’s start with the home page.

Home sweet home

I switched to a magazine format with the new site, so the main home page shows a bit of everything. There’s dedicated spots for my new posts, recent tutorials and reveals. I also integrated my daily outfit blog (I shudder to call it a style blog) into this site, although if you’re not interested in that you can bypass it easily. Finally I added a new section “Ideas and Inspiration.” This is a collection of links, thoughts, pictures, etc – just stuff I find around the googles that I fancy and think you might too!

I’ve marked up a screenshot of the homepage, detailing the new layout. Lord willin’ and the crik don’t rise, you can click on this to see more detail!

Whew! Thatsa lotta homepage!

Too much? I made it easy for you…

I totally realize that I (and maybe my mom) am the only one who might be thoroughly amused by such a packed-full homepage, so I made it easy for the rest of you forest rodents. If you’d rather just see a page similar to snugbug 1.0 (that’d be my blogger site), then just click ‘blog’ on the pink menu bar at the top of the page. You’ll get a page that looks more like a traditional blog. All of my new posts EXCEPT the daily outfit/snugbug365 posts will show up on this page. WARNING!! The theme defaults to the excerpt view for this page type. I’m working on fixing that so you don’t have to click in to read the full post, but it’s actually an somewhat extensive fix. From what I understand. Or not. I’ll get back to you on this asap!

Comments, Comments all over the place…

So, one of the main reasons I’ve wanted to switch over to WordPress was to get threaded comments. I think they’re great and encourage interaction, not only between me and you, but between all you guys when you’re squirreling around and I’ve become mesmerized my butterflies and can’t bother myself to open my laptop. Once I got the page set up, though, I realized that I don’t really understand WordPress’s commenting system! I comment all the time on other WordPress blogs, and somehow they know who I am… anyhoo, here are a few screenshots showing the comments section, along with notes on how to use commentLuv to show off your OWN blog whilst abusing mine… (again, click to see full size)




Tutorials and reveals. Gallery style.

Once I got started setting up the new site I became OBSESSED with finding a way to set up a click-on-a-thumbnail gallery style way to show past projects and tutorials. I succeeded. These two pages can be accessed via the pink menu bar (under ‘closet’ and ‘tutorials’.) Once you get over to the page, just click on the photo to view the original post.

BTW, if you think that ‘closet’ is a semi-pretentious name for the page of reveals, you’re not alone. I think so too! I just couldn’t think of anything better to call the page. ‘Finished’ and ‘Reveals’ seems so, um, abrupt. And my drop down on snugbug 1.0 was ‘My Custom Couture’, so at least I’ve amped down the pretention a teeny bit.

I’ve split the ‘tutorials’ (talk about a pretentious term – these are barely a stab at a how-to, more a plea for help, really) – anyway, I’ve split them into a few different sections – ‘Making Clothes’, ‘Fun Stuff’, ‘Restyles’ and ‘Techniques and Tools.’ Everything’s all on one page, though, so it should be easy enough to find stuff.


As most of you know, I’ve been keeping a daily outfit blog for the last month or two. With the new site, I found a way to bring that into the fold. Much like the blog page above, the snugbug365 page (accessible from the pink menu bar) looks like a traditional blog-style page, but just shows the daily outfit posts. I’ve set up a separate RSS feed for the snugbug365 posts that you can find on the home page as well as the snugbug365 page, so if you just like getting those posts you can do so without getting all the sewing stuff.

Shop and Archives. A few more of my favorite things.

The last few menu items include ‘about’ and ‘classes’ which are the same as on snugbug 1.0. New to this version of snugbug is Archives and Shop.

The Archives page is a visual/calendar style page showing past posts. I couldn’t find a way to do the same type of archive list showing post titles as I was used to from blogger, and I thought this was sort of fun. I suspect I may be the only one who looks at it a lot when I’m trying to find posts that I want to link back to. Just hover over any image to see the post title and click to view.

The shop page is a gallery style page showing items in my Etsy shop. Just click on the image to go to the Etsy listing!

Snugbug on the Road

If you’re in posession of one of those smart phones, well, first off I don’t understand how you make ’em work with your squirrely toes. I can’t operate my iPod Touch with gloves on. But that’s neither here nor there. My new site actually works amazingly well if you view it ‘normally’ in Safari on an iPhone, but nevertheless I’ve set up a clever little app-like view for those of you on the road. Just head over to the site in Safari on your smartphone and find a super-easy to navigate snugbug! It’s been tested on an iPhones and an iPod Touch, but not on any other smart phone (as far as I know). It should work on most of them!

We’re definitely in beta

The tour’s over, you fluffy tailed, flightless forest rats. I was too exhausted excited to not launch the new site, but I still have a lot of work to do! Past posts are going to have wonky images and broken links. I’m going through and fixing, but a lot of it is a manual process and we must continue to move like the great white sharks, right?

Hey! Where’d everyone go? There aren’t any sharks here. And even if there were, they’d be so interested in a plump morsel like Lucy they wouldn’t even notice you squirrels.

Enjoy! Feel free to email me with any comments or suggestions – or if you see anything wonky (other than my love of clashing colors and the afore-mentioned funky photos!

Special SUPER thanks to those of you who took a look at the test site. Your comments were so helpful!!

Watch out for a celebratory giveaway to commemorate the new site!



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