Wow platypurii!! You guys are a giveaway-lovin’ crowd of aquatic creatures! Thanks for all your lovely comments and helpful suggestions! I’ve picked the winner (well, picked the winner. With Lucy the hound’s assistance…) but before we get to that… a note regarding comments! The new ones are on the TOP of the page, closest to the post. Weird, I know. It threw me too. We probably won’t have as much trouble with this going forward as there won’t be so many of you commenting. But I thought I’d note… and now on to the winner…

Ginny! OK folks… I have to admit to a bit of over excitement when I clicked on Ginny’s name and took a look at her blog, Ginpins. She just started blogging in April, but in her short history she has blogged about… dresses! A bird-rescue (with bird-in-hand-photos!) Cool neckwarmers knitted from awesome-o yarn! Clay things! More dresses! And, perhaps most importantly a NARWAL!! Click on over and check out her blog. I hope to see more posts from her because I’m LOVING what she has so far!!

a narwhal! from the blog Ginpins

Thanks to everyone who entered! I LOVE doing giveaways, so I’m sure we’ll see more in the future!

But wait!! 10% off for all Snugbug readers!

Heartbroken you didn’t win? I have a peace-offering for you! Sewtropolis is offering a special 10% discount on all the goodies in the etsy shop! Just head on over and take a look and enter SNUGBUG during checkout to get the discount. The code will be active through next Tuesday, July 19th. Super-special-thanks to Nikol, the owner of Sewtropolis for offering the discount to all ya’ll!!

For any of you that were particularly aching for one (or all) of the giveaway fabric combinations, I added them to the Sewtropolis Etsy site today! Here they are..

Wooster & Prince ‘toile’ in scarlet

Wooster & Prince ‘lattice’ in scarlet


Tula Pink Turtle Bay in Aqua

Art Gallery Turquoise Fizz


Colorworks 2 Yarn Dyed Cotton in Pink Plaid

Anna Maria Horner Bubble Burst in Confection

Note! Each of these listings is for one yard of fabric… if you’re ordering for dress-making you’ll obviously need more than that! Unless you’re making a dress for Lucy. She’s real little. To get more than one yard of fabric, just ‘convo’ Sewtropolis (um, that’s sending an Etsy-message in “Etsy-speak”) with the amount of fabric you’re looking for. We’ll set up a reserve listing JUST for you! Shipping for fabric is $4.95 to an address in the US ($11.45 to Canada & $13.45 to everywhere else) for up to seven (or so) yards of fabric – whatever we can cram into a priority flat rate envelope! Or check out the pattern selection – domestic shipping on patterns is FREE!




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