OK, late-in-day post for all you sleeping hounds! I don’t have a lot for you, except a little more plotting for my fall wardrobe! As many of you  know, I often style each finished garment three different ways for the reveal posts. I do this partially for fun, but also to ensure that I’m staying away from making wardrobe orphans or garments that are just one-trick ponies. Sometimes, when I’m trying to decide what to wear I’ll click through old posts, ‘shopping’ in my closet, so why not get all the pictures in one place, right? Luckily, Photoshop has a quick way to make contact sheets, so I just clicked through all the posts on my closet page and saved all those reveal photos and made a contact sheet… somehow this just HAPPENED to be 100 photos! Check it out! [click for larger image]

Putting together all the photos posed a perfect opportunity to see what silhouettes I really like on me – specifically with fall wardrobe planning in mind. I really like dresses and skirts, but in the fall and winter I certainly wear trousers and jeans more often and in general am a separates sort of girl. For the fall I’d like to focus on trousers, skirts and shirts that will layer well. Another wardrobe issue – more of a fabric issue, really, is that I prefer to wear leggings and/or boots with skirts, so I’d like to work on some dresses and skirts in fabrics and colors that work well with those.

Here’s a fun game! I went through and chose my favorite look for fall from each line – here’s the picture again, click on it to see which I chose in each row – I’ve marked with a pink checkmark!

Alright! Back to work I go! Have a great rest of the day sleepy heads!



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