I thought it was time to return to daily outfit posts. OK, maybe weekly. Twice a month? We’ll have to see, won’t we? My attention has been completely sucked up by redoing the sewing nook, and now that that’s done I can return to more of a routine. Plus, due to some sort of scheduling MIRACLE I’m off until Friday! Yay! I’ll have all the time I need to do morning chores, sew AND lolligag with the basset hound!

Today I mainly hung around home, with one trip to Target and a hound walk. White denim and polka dots seemed the perfect thing. I always WANT to go for super detailed shirts with lots of shape and preferably a midriff band. I forget how a simple cap sleeved, scoop necked shirt can be just as nice. Especially with polka dots.

shirt AND skirt: BOTH handmade, neither blogged!
shoes: Born

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