Apparently I just can’t help myself! I was waiting to pick up the boy the other day from work – he works downtown, so the people watching can be fun. I was admiring the perfectly-pulled together Banana Republic-style workplace casual look that a springy blonde was sporting. Black flats, pencil skirt, fitted white button up shirt. YOU know the outfit. When I pulled out things to wear to work yesterday, my intention was to put together something similarly low-key and classic. But why go with a white tshirt when I have polka dots, right? And the black skirt felt sort of like a server uniform. May I take your order please? And with the shirt and skirt such neutrals, I REALLY needed a coral cardigan, right? And it still looked pretty boring, so I added my new favorite vintage necklace find.

In the end, I magaged to keep the black flats. But even these have big, giant bows on them….

shirt: handmade, blogged here
skirt, handmade, blogged here
cardi, Nordstrom Rack
shoes, Target
bracelets, Target & Avenue
necklace, The Vintage Studio – 50th and Xerxes

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