Good morning, you mariachi loving beluga whales! I simply cannot get enough of you. Plus, you’re white, so you’d totally match the new sewing nook. If I can find a inexpensive white kiddie pool, you’re coming home with me!

Progress continues, slowly but surely, in the nook. Organizing is hard – deciding what to group together, not to mention what to keep and what to toss. Also, there was a certain bossy hound dog who insisted on snuggling whenever I sat in the free-chair, so that slowed things down considerably! Let’s just jump right into pictures, shall we?

Ah, the billy bookcases. The white boxes on the right are so handy – of course, Ikea makes ’em in different colors now, which is annoying! There’s one box each for scrapbooking stuff, jewelry making things, ‘craft supplies’, felt, elastic/velcro/piping, zippers and then there’s one empty and another empty one that can be co-opted from our bedroom. I’m so happy that the Singer Fashionmate has a home of its own now.  I got a very nice sewing cabinet (well, it has turned legs so it’s ‘fancy) with the fashionmate, but it’s too big to store! I’m thinking of putting the cabinet on Craigslist. Do people buy empty sewing cabinets?

On the left, one wooden box has pinchuhion making stuff and one is empty. There’s a display shelf (not really done yet, trust me!), with reference books and old journals and then under the too-long skirt is some ugly stuff – paper cutters, empty notebooks, etc.

Below is the other side of that corner. A very cozy sitting area. Eventually my printer will go on top of the shelf with drawers, but not yet!

I reserved the drawers for desk things – the top drawer for odds and ends, the bottom for printer paper. The three boxes all have patterns in them. One for skirts/shirts/trousers – the kind where there are JUST skirts OR shirts OR trousers, not coordinates or wardrobe patterns. Those go in another box with costume patterns. The third box is for dresses. I don’t know how well this system will work – until now I had one of those boxes upstairs with ‘used more recently’ patterns, and another (much more packed full) downstairs with the ‘used less recently’ patterns. I also have my TNT patterns in one of the magazine files on the bookcases and all of my class patterns in another magazine file.

I was pretty excited to finish one end of the cutting table -this is the end that faces the sewing nook and it’s more notion-type stuff and what, for lack of a better term, could be called ‘craft’ fabric. The top row is all quilt-weight cotton in 1 yard cuts (or smaller) – stuff I use to make non-garment items. The middle cube has smaller cuts of corduroy and silk that also are meant for projects like pincushions and pillow covers. The fabric ‘cubes’ have wool scraps, hand-made bias tape, strips of quilting cotton, pincushion supplies (aka the filling stuff!) and leather pieces/strips.

Don’t you just love stacks of brightly colored fabric?

Like most of you (I’m guessing), I struggle with what to do with leftover scraps. I’ve thrown out a LOT of scraps, but then as soon as I do, I will end up needing them! I had a few bags of scraps – one of knits, one of wool and one of wovens that I went through and tossed out a lot. Most of what I kept was knits. If the wool/wovens were big enough they ended up in the closetmaid cube with the craft fabric. I put the rest of the fabric scraps in a plastic bin. We’ll see how this turns out.

There was another Ikea field trip yesterday and I got a few more glass jars for organizing trims and ribbons. One each for black and white and two for color. I already had the button jars and the silver coffee cans hold my snaps and tools and store-bought bias and hem tape. See how I”m using the dollhouse my dad made me to stash all this stuff? Yay! I din’t know if this will be their final home, but it works for how!

I got started on the pegboard. The ribbon storage is probably temporary. I got an aluminum dowel at Ace for a few dollars and threaded everything on – it looks great, but will be a pain to add/remove spools!

The cutting table is clear! For now, at least. Doesn’t my little cutting mat look sad on the table??

And Mr. Bug was able to put the garage back to rights, so he can park his car in there once again! Yay!

Lest you think I am almost done, I thought you curious belugas would appreciate a snapshot of the current state of my sewing table. Oh, sigh.

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