Morning wombats! I rushed home from work yesterday to snap a few photos in the waning light. Today I’m back to my fall wardrobe plotting. Behold the dress fabrics!!

That white fabric on the bottom is NOT a dress fabric. It’s my bedspread!!

I’m going super bright and cheery with the dress fabrics, as opposed to the more subdued palette for the skirt and trouser fabrics. I’m also going with mostly tried’n’true patterns. OK, two tried’n’true, one brand new and one that doesn’t actually exist yet. Let’s start at the top of the pile, shall we?

I’m particularly enamored with this fabric! We got it in at the shop a week or two ago and it’s a cotton/linen blend from Tina Givens. Nice, isn’t it! This brings me to another thing I’m enamored with, Kwik Sew 3760, a little retro-vibe dress that’s almost sheath-like, except the skirt has a bit of a-line shape. I’m thinking the more simple view B would be fun in this print.

Wouldn’t that look cute with boots? Black ones? Thigh highs? What, did I go too far? Like you all don’t have thigh-high boots.

Let’s move on, shall we? Maybe something in a solid color? OK, how about pink?

I have a few yards of some semi-craptastic hot pink poly interlock – it’s wavy and curly, but will make a nice Vogue 1027, don’t you think? I already have two of these and could use a few more for my casual-office-wear. Again, picture with some cat-woman boots.

You know, I just remembered I DO have some black over the knee boots! They don’t have heels, though. Here’s my little rendering. I do love me some Photoshop fun!

Meeeee-yow. Right?

Now for the prints! Another Tina Givens print (I think, I can’t remember, now!) I originally got this to sew up a sample of the Crepe for the shop, but Nikol the owner beat me to it with this awesome blue and white version, so the print is free to be what it wants! Right now I’m leaning towards another Vogue 8648 like the long-sleeved version I made last year, but I may just go ahead and make another Crepe instead. I just would prefer longer sleeves for the cooler months.

And now for the final print! This is my inspiration fabric for my fall sewing – I am SO in love with the colors! This is the same Joel Dewberry print that I just made my knit-yoke Macaron from. Isn’t it lovely?

Oh, sigh. For the dress I would like something with a vintage vibe and a full skirt, but with a bit of a pilgrim flair. Or something. I totally considered just making an all-one-color Macaron (and haven’t 100% ruled it out yet!) but while cruising around the googles tonight I came upon some new sources of inspiration. First, there’s Alana’s awesome Sorbetto with the Peter Pan collar. I love the collar – front and back – and that’s very much the neckline I had in mind. Then there’s Sarah’s very-cool Sorbetto DRESS! How adorable!! I’d like to do something along these lines. But with sleeves, hopefully. I’m never confident with sleeve drafting!

That skirt shape looks like something I lifted off a little plastic Fisher Price person-toy. Did you guys play with those too??

So that’s it – my dress plotting for the fall!! Are you guys plotting any fall dresses? Any good suggestions for a nice, full skirt dress with sleeves?? Oh! And here’s all my fall fabrics stacked together. Not too jarring! And I only have my tops left to decide on. Oh, and all the sewing as well…

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