Greetings you Pepe Le Pew’s, masters of love and eternal mixer-upers of skunks and housecats. This morning I spent a bit of time on the interwebs plotting my fall wardrobe. Pinterest certainly is a black hole that will suck up an hour’s worth of time with a snap of it’s little techno-fingers, isn’t it? Nearly as bad as Beyonce videos on You Tube.

But I digress. All I have today is some pictures that caught my fancy re. two of the things I’d like to get to this fall: layered, funky skirts and handknitted over-the-knee socks. I’m stepping away from the fall trends of 90’s colorblocking, giant sweaters, plaid and maxi-everything and heading off in my own, vaguely schoolgirlish direction.

Oh, for the want of an oddball skirt.

So first off, my skirt fetish. I’m not sure exactly what direction I’ll end up going here, but I’ve got a hankering for a funky skirt. Something with layers, preferably fluffy layers under straight. Or something. There’s quite a few influences going on here but the two most prominent are probably Anthropologie (not the current stuff, but recent past) and my love of fluffy historical fashion culminating in, of course, Steampunk style. One has to wonder, though, how do I wear this without looking like a total fruit loop? Here’s some looks that I love!

{image Love to Love You on Etsy}

OK, the colors are ewwww, but with a more sedate tweed and something neutral for the ruffles (I happen to have 2 yards of ivory silk chiffon looking for work right now) this is TOTALLY what I have in mind. I suspect that the curved seam may gape in a very unflattering manner, though. Perhaps making the whole front decorative and adding a side or back zip closure would help, but I DO dislike non-functioning buttons….

{image Ruffles and Roses}

Ah! Hello Anthro! At least, I assume this is an Anthropologie skirt – that wheeled dress form looks familiar, although the blogger who posted the photo didn’t link back to the source of the photo! ANYWAY – this is the same general idea as the red button skirt, but less, YOU know… Minnie Mouse. Although I love me some Minnie Mouse fashion, I think when one (me) layers ruffles a bit of restraint might be in order! I don’t really like denim floppy skirts – a bit too prairie girl for me (or, as we are apparently calling it “True Grit style” I KNEW that movie would bring western wear to the fashion world!), but the crossed over ruffles might make for a more flattering line than the potential button-gaping of the first skirt.

{image Love to Love You on Etsy}

This one is from the same Etsy seller and is a bit less fluffy. I see potential. I like the contrast trim on the underskirt and while I DO love the giant green buttons (I mean, come ON!) I think they’re a little over the top for what I have in mind. I have a nice purple and grey plaid that could be fun for this. If I don’t mind my rear end covered with Lucy fur contantly. Note to self – dark suiting is no longer allowed in my cart when purchasing fabric. Effective until I no longer have a doggly roomate…

{image Ruffles and Roses}

Again, I suspect this is Anthro and again, the blogger didn’t link back. But here’s the same idea, MUCH more sedate!! I like the idea of layers of ruffles from different materials. I’m just not sure I’d wear it a lot. Layers of ruffles at the bottom of the skirt could head on over to the flameno dancer teritory. Good lord, I love flamenco dancers. Any Minneapolitinis out here who know of a good group performing around town?? I still mourn the closing of the Loring…

{image Inside Out Style}

OK, now I’m the blogger not linking to sources! I know this skirt belongs to Imogene from Inside Out Style, and I also know there wasn’t a lot of information posted about it, but I pinned the image, not the blog page in Pinterest and after 10 minutes of searching her site I can’t find the original post! Sorry you amorous skunks! In any case, this is one of the skirts that got me going on this layered-lust. I suspect, though, that if I made something like this I’d feel a bit too much like an inner ring suburb soccer mom with an SUV. Headed to yoga class. I still love it, though. Perhaps if I stayed away from khaki and other trendy-sporty type fabrics??

{image Buscut}

Alrighty – this is a totally different direction, but I like the tailored-yet full underskirt with the super-split overskirt (ok, it’s a coat, I know that.) It reminds me of the dress in Beaches that Bette Midler’s character wore to impress Barbara Hershey when she came to visit her in New York. Do you know the one? I wonder who the designer was. It was white and there had to have been a crinoline involved.

Fine knitted socks

The other item I had my eye open for today was over the knee socks. Well, patterns to knit them. We just got some wonderful Spud and Chloe sock yarn in at the shop – get this knitters who are unaware – they are 80/20 wool/silk SUPERWASH!! Can you believe it?? Non-knitters may also rejoice, as superwash = you can wash your socks without them shrinking up on you. A fine quality in yarn intended for socks! The colors are deep and lush and  the skeins are a bit on the large size – I think 250 yards, so you’d still need 2 for a pair of socks, but you’d have a lot left over if you just made a regular pair of calf-length socks, but perhaps they’d be perfect for some knee-socks (or higher!) And what BETTER for cool fall days than some warm knitted socks to go with my funky skirts? Here’s a photo for a pattern that I already have with good instructions on grading up if you have wider calves.

{image Cosmic Pluto}

There’s an over the knee option too!

{image cosmic pluto}

And here’s an adorable pair from the book Handknit Holidays* which looks like an excellent book and according to Soule Mama is NOT just for the holidays. Sidenote – is she standing on a book? What on earth for??

{image Soule Mama}

And with that, I’m off. I’ve got some pincushions to finish and a shower to take. A morning spent googling things like “steampunk inspired skirts” and “over the knee socks” brings one into the fetish territory of the interwebs that makes even YOUR advances seem tame, Pepe.





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