Good morning chimpanzees and chihuahuas. I know you are natural enemies, but I hope we can all get along for the next few minutes to discuss a very important subject. Time management. Or my complete confusion over how to go about managing my time…

As some of you might remember, I headed back to an 8-5 job last Monday. It’s a fun job and I like it a lot, but here it is, Sunday night and once again I didn’t manage to gather my wits enough over the weekend to feel prepared for the week!


That’s me on my way to work!

OK. So here was my general schedule last week….

5:30 – 6:00: get up, drink coffee, read blog posts
6:00-6:30 : shower, dress
6:30-6:45: more coffee, computer, wake up Mr. Bug
6:45-7:00: make lunches, make bed
7:00-7:15: finish hair and makeup
7:15-6:00: commuting/work
6:00-6:15: daily outfit picture, change for dog walk
6:15-7:30: walk Lucy
7:30-8:00: make dinner
8:00-9:00: eat, straighten up, set out clothes for the next day
9:00-11:00: work on blog post, more computering if time
11:00 Bedtime!!

Anyone notice anything that’s missing? I do! There’s no time to do any SEWING!! Also, as some of you might have noticed, I haven’t responded to comments or emails for a week!

I thought I’d catch up on some projects and get some pictures taken and edited over the weekend so I could just write the posts each night this week, which would save some time. If I start out with my pictures downloaded, cropped and edited it only takes about an hour to write a post. And if I can get posts written faster, then I’ll have extra time to sew and have something to post about!

But, of course, I didn’t get to any of that! On Saturday I was VERY lazy in the morning, and then worked at the shop in the afternoon. Mr. Bug and I did our weekly grocery shopping Saturday night after dinner, and then Sunday we got up early to clean the house, then headed out to pick up Mr. Bug’s mom at the bus station for a few day’s visit (yay!) They went to the horsetrack (I know, right?) for the afternoon and I went on an Ikea and Marshall’s field trip to get necessary spice-organizing implements. I got home midafternoon and spent the next few hours making dinner and reorganizing a few kitchen cabinets. Dinner was at 7, and the three of us went for a Sunday drive and then came home and I cleaned up the kitchen (Mr. Bug helped, of course. He’s a very clean bug.) and got some things ready for this week’s lunches (chicken breast and bacon for my giant salads!) At 9:45 I settled in to watch a movie and work on a blog post.

So here’s my question for you productive chimps. And chihuahuas. How does everybody get everything done? I honestly don’t get it – and we don’t even have little bugs (other than the lop eared basset hound who lives with us.)

With that, I’ll leave it to you clever simians to offer me wise words of advice. Posting may be light this week… not only do I not have many projects in the hopper, but with a houseguest ’til Tuesday I’ll be busy playing! I expect some solid time management advice here. Don’t make me pay for a subscription to Real Simple. Although, based on the covers I see in the checkout lanes, that might be a very good idea. I also am in need of some new dinner ideas…

Also! My lack of replies in the comments doesn’t mean I’m not eagerly checking my iPod while eating my lunch to see what you all have to say! I just am not getting back to comment while at a keyboard!



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