Morning Polly Parrots! Sewing continues to be at a complete STOP here at the house of the Snugbugs. Yesterday I made some headway in organizing my neverending bits of trim and bias tape. Egad, that stuff is hard to file, isn’t it? Should I go by color first or type first? That decision is literally paralyzing me when it comes to organizing my stash. The OCD-needs-everything-pretty part of me wants to organize all my fabrics by color (in the order of the rainbow, of course) but the more practical side of me insists on separating into knits, wools and manmades. Or knits, thick stuff, thin stuff. Or perhaps break out by yardage, THEN type, THEN color. Or maybe color, yardage, type? Oh, who knows…

I continued to snap photos to keep those interested parrots satisfied, for the rest of y’all who prefer your sewing bloggers to actually, you know, blog about sewing – I feel your pain. We’ll get back up on that horse soon.

Before and after photos are the most useful, aren’t they? At least you can see what’s happened without having to have a floor plan of the basement… oh, wait. I have one of those, let’s start with that, shall we? [Click to see see a larger version]

OK! Now for the before and after photos – first the view towards the corner where the Billy bookcases are (the lower left in the floor plan above)

That’s where we started, now here we were yesterday morning (the last time I took pictures!) – you can see my excellent freechair in the right of the photo!

A bit closer…

I’m pretty excited that with so much extra shelving, I can finally have all of my sewing books in one spot in the Billys! Yay! No more trying to remember which bookcase the Claire Scheffer book got crammed into!

Now for the second view, this is angled towards the hanging rod – where you can see the red dress in the photo above –

Just LOOK at all that fabric storage! And clutter. Sigh. Speaking of clutter, I forgot that Mr. Bug and I had gotten replacement tape for my P-Touch label maker!! I’m back in business and labeling everything that doesn’t move!

The label maker is SUCH a help – most of my notions are going into white paper boxes from Ikea – I love how they make everything look clean and organized, but you can’t see what’s in ’em!!

Here’s a view INSIDE the nook, looking out to the other side of the basement. You can also see what a difference that concrete stain makes. See how it’s nice and clean looking, and then about where the cutting table starts it’s all crazytown on the floor? Unfortunately for us, we’ll have to move that giant cutting table out of the way when he’s ready to work on that part of the floor. Oh, well. The cutting table IS movable – it’s hard, but possible!

It’s sort of goofy – those Closetmaid cube thingies that I used for the base of the cutting table only come with five backing panels for nine cube spaces – you’re supposed to attach them at the corners and in the center, which would be fine if they were up against the wall, but since mine are in an L-shape, it looks like all three spaces on the left have backings because you can see the other cube thingie through the middle space. This is the sort of thing that drives me nuts! I don’t like seeing through the holes!

Ah well, that’s today’s update. I did manage to get started putting everything away yesterday and hope to make more progress today. Our good friends Cyle and Karisha are in town, so there we’ll see!

Have a great day, parrot friends!

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