Good morning you honeybees. Lovers of flowers. Menacers of small children. I made a scarf that will totally appeal to you…

Isn’t that just the teeniest, yet most adorable scarflette you’ve every pointed those terrifying stingers at?

So here’s the background: as I’ve mentioned before (repeatedly. With lots of exclamation points.) we recently started carrying a limited selection of yarn at the shop. Limited, but very nice. Starting next month we’re going to be offering beginning knitting as a one-night class. For all you knitters out there, this might strike you as a bit on the ambitious side… but after putting some thought into it, I think I’ve come up with a good approach to introduce some practical instruction and a fun little project that we can cover in a few hours.

I used Blue Sky alpaca ‘Bulky’ (in azalea!) to knit this up. This yarn is 50/50 alpaca and wool with 45 yards per skein. It was really fun to knit up and not quite as ‘hairy’ as some of the other alpacas I’ve used. The scarflette design is super basic – I just cast 10 stitches on size 19 needles and knit in garter stitch ’till the yarn was gone. Since this is intended for beginners I didn’t do ANY sort of special finishing – not even slipping the stitches on the edge to give a neater finish! I DID use a long tail cast on, because I don’t have the patience to cast on in any other way – I hate how the yarn comes undone when using the more simple cast-on methods. Once I bound everything off and wove in my tails I tacked on this nice vintage button. The nice thing about knitting on size 19 needles is that there’s no need to knit a buttonhole – even for this giant button I can just slip the button in where I want to! It makes for a super-versatile scarf and I really like not having the long tails flying all over the place like with a traditional scarf!

The finished scarf is about 18″ long by 6″ wide. I love how the ribs look in the bulky yarn with the giant needles! Excuse the non-blocked wonkiness that’s going on in this photo…

My first knitting class isn’t until October – I’ll be dropping off the sample at the shop this week, but I’m not sure I can wait to bring it back home to live with me – I might have to knit up another to tide me over! We also have this yarn in ‘Cayenne’ – a gorgeous burnt orange. Sigh.

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