Happy Friday you weasels and marmosets. I don’t even know what a marmoset is. I’m having an existential marmoset crisis.

In any case, I thought I’d drop in for a quick, cozy Friday chat, seeing as I’ve dropped off the map for the last week. Whew! What a week it was! Let’s do this in bullet point format, shall we? Go grab your coffee. I’ll be here when you get back.

  • High point! Guess what!? I got to meet the unofficial head-Marmoset, Gertie! She was in town for the Creative Connection event and co-worker Laura lassoed everyone into a meetup. Much fun was had by all. Gertie is, indeed, as sweet in real life as has been previously reported. And there was the obligatory showing off of various basset hound and Henry-the-cat photos. We’re a silly bunch, aren’t we? If any of you have a chance to meet up with her as she travels around in the next few months, do it! I also got to meet Mena the very same night, but she was farther down the table and we didn’t get much of a chance to chat. That girl can wear a hat like nobody’s business. She was showing off her haul from St. Paul shopping and looked amazing in every single hat she pulled out of the box! She just put ‘em on, fluffed her bangs and looked adorable! If I were to engage in such activity, I’d look like I was trying to ram a stocking cap over a clown wig. And highlight my “defined” Norwegian bone structure. Hats are not my friend. As a sidenote, Mena appears to own a magic hat box. I swear to all that’s holy in the marmoset world, she pulled at least 10 hats out of one hatbox…
  • OK, low point, and the main reason for my absence… last Friday my stepfather passed away after a difficult summer rotating between hospital, nursing home, ICU and hospice. He was 93 and had an amazing life… starting businesses, fighting in WWII, raising a family and then at the ripe old age of 76 marrying my mother (33 years his junior. I know, right?) and going on nearly another 20 years traveling our national state park system with her. And eating lots of oatmeal cream pies. Note to those attending funerals: it is not super helpful to tell the family that the dearly departed is ‘at peace.’ This was my third father funeral. My real dad died suddenly when I was 8, my second dad died after a long bout of cancer when I was 16 and Len passed away after a long, full life. Hearing that they were ‘at peace’ was not helpful at any of the funerals. Best thing to do at a funeral? Bring a toddler. They make people laugh.
  • Another high point? An order for some Missoni sweater knit at Emmaonesock. And guess what, there are TWENTY FIVE more Missoni sweater knits on the way!! This will be the winter of Charlie Brown sweaters. And Charlie Brown sweater dresses. And Charlie Brown leggings….
  • Odd tip-slash-confession. While getting dressed this morning I realized that the hem of my dress was hopelessly wrinkled. I was running late, so I used my ‘curling wand’ (one of those curling irons that gets super hot and doesn’t have a clamp, you know, you wrap your hair around the barrel and hold it there) to press out the wrinkle. It was already hot because I was doing my hair. Worked like a charm.
  • I am THIS CLOSE to finishing my Miette sweater! Body and arms are done. Front button bands and neckline ribbing left. Then blocking. It’s a wee bit on the small side and wool/alpaca, so I will have to be VERY CAREFUL blocking. If hot water ever touches this furry little friend I will have a serious felting/shrinking issue.

Since we can’t have a photo-free blog post, here’s one from the baby-Lucy-photo-album… ready for the rain and having a little snack…



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