Greetings you cool little fonzies! Today’s post is super duper quick and housekeeping in its orientation. My, that was businesslike, wasn’t it!

First up! Also second up – I was SUPER STOKED to see that Sarai at Colette is doing a fall palette challenge, since that’s what I was doing on my own, inspired by the big fun I had doing the spring challenge! Who’s doing it? Who? Tell me!

To celebrate I finished my last little drawings for my fall plan (the two tops with hot pink) and threw everything together on one board. Then I giggled. I was feeling the 70’s when I put together the board, but clearly slid back 20 years when choosing the patterns! Ah well – circumstances changed after I initially put together the board – I went back to work! I need to get me some separates that will work for my casual work environment. And what works better for the casual winter wardrobe than a cap sleeve hot pink jersey dress? What, I ask you?

At least the palette came through. A bit. Gold and pink are really two of my favorite things.

Agenda items #1 and #2 – updated fall sewing plan and Colette fall palette challenge participation – have been covered, let’s move on to agenda item #3, ok? Great.

Self Stitched September. Ah, it’s back. This feels like a blog-o-versary to me, as it was really last year during SSS that I got to know some of the other awesome sewing bloggers out there and I stepped up my OWN blogging! I wasn’t going to participate this time around. Partially because I had a hard time keeping up for the last challenge and partially because it’s not as much of a big deal for me to struggle to wear all self-stitched stuff, since I rarely wear RTW. But I love the sense of community so I’m going to make an effort. Again, who’s doing it? Who? Who?

Agenda item #3 is done. The meeting is adjourned. Next time, will one of you bring bagels?


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