Good morning you hyacinth macaws! You sure are beautiful. And large. And blue.

Speaking of blue, guess what I did? I made a dress! And it’s blue! Or, partially blue. Aqua, really. Now, if you guys were the color of my dress I’d be SUPER impressed. Here’s a picture…

Ah, what pretty feathers.

OK. So this is Kwik Sew 3758. You may remember the sleeveless version from earlier this summer. This was a super fun class I taught and I’m teaching it again later this month. I thought that it would be a bit more season appropriate to do the longer sleeved version and I’m more than happy with the result. So happy I stocked up on a few lengths of sweater knits tonight and I’m a’thinkin’ that one of them might make for a nice, cozy winter version!

What makes this dress so fun is that the top is a knit and the skirt is woven. It looks just fine without the obi-style belt, but the belt gives it a little something extra, don’t you think? The wide cummerbund part is only in the front, in the back it’s just regular narrow straps that wrap back around to tie in the front.

I really like the shoulders and neckline on the top part and will likely use the pattern to make a nice TNT tshirt pattern. Long sleeved t-shirt, that is. I did make a slight change with the sleeves, though. The pattern as drafted has the same neckline for the sleeveless and 3/4 bodice, but the armscye for the sleeveless is set much closer to the neck, with the armscye for the 3/4 version set about an inch and a half farther out – down the arm, basically. Luckily, I thought this through before cutting my fabric. The sleeveless version ended JUST where I wanted my sleeves to start, so I stuck with that bodice rather than using the lines for the 3/4 version. I’m SO glad – if I HAD used the sleeve version, I would have ended up with those odd, pointy, too big shoulders! And this makes total sense – I have unusually narrow, wimpy shoulders!

OK! Since there’s not a lot to say about this pattern, what with its appeal being the extreme simplicity of the style, I give you the dress ‘styled’ three ways…

First we have minnie-mouse-in-platform-pumps. Suitable for saturday night AND sunday morning, right? Can I get a witness?

Next, we have wear it to work. Trick ’em into thinking you’ve got a shirt and skirt on… This version I actually DID wear to work. It’s such an easy outfit. I’m making 10 more. It’s going to be boring blog posts for a while…

And now we have… an, um, restyle?

ha ha ha ha ha… Yes, you three foot long endangered parrots. That’s the belt wrapped around my head. I think we can all agree that it’s a good thing it’s the weekend, can’t we?

I’m skippin’ the last word tonight. Oh wait, I’m not. Make this pattern. Don’t be fooled into giving yourself giant shoulders….

It’s a holiday weekend here in the U.S. – Monday is Labor Day. The traditional end of summer. You may see a post on Monday. Or not. Hopefully you WILL see one and it will be ALL pictures from the Renaissance Festival, because it’s in town and that’s what I want to do, but Mr. Bug and Lucy are not quite as excited about donning medieval dress and buying handmade soap. And Lucy’d probably be scared of the camels. We’ll see…


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