Morning honey badgers. I know you just don’t give a damn and you can run backwards, but put down your delicious snakes for a minute and take a look at what came to live in our basement this week!

Yay! I finally got a cutting mat and it makes everything so awesome I’ve already sewn a dress AND a sweater since Monday. Perhaps I’ll actually take some photos for you one of these days… The mat is 35″ wide by 70″ long. With the extra space on the short ends where the numbers are printed that makes the mat about an inch and a half too long for my 69″ table, but it’s not as annoying as I thought it’d be.

Oooo… I can’t wait ’till we paint that terrible floor!

The mat came from Joann’s and at 40% off was $120. Sigh. The cutting table wasn’t that much more than that! It was so fun to have a perfect height, all protected surface for cutting my jersey and sweater knit the other night, though. Totally worth it. Of course, I cut all my pattern pieces with a rotary cutter which explains why my new cutting mat is so much more satisfying than my just-replaced 18 x 24″ mat!

Oh! And quick check. How messy is the sewing nook after living in it for the last month or two? Thankfully, not very. Having the space to spread out and lots of organized, LABELED storage has been so very helpful in keeping things orderly. And on the evenings when I don’t get whatever I’m working on finished, it’s so very awesome to just leave everything sitting without having a mess in our main living space.

Oh! And it’s true what they say. These self-healing mats STINK to high heaven! Dan thought our pipes were leaking, I thought perhaps there was the leftovers of a honey badger snake treat abandoned behind the cozy chair…

Alright! Back to your badger fun. My cheater, short-stuff post is now officially over!

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