Greetings all you sub-par tinkerbells. Today I just have a short tale of a retail MIRACLE!! Unlike the rest of blogland, I’ve only been half paying attention to the Missoni for Target hub-bub. I knew it was coming, in fact, I had a vague idea that it was here, thanks to Twitter, but it wasn’t really on my radar, since most Missoni knits remind me of Charlie Brown’s shirt….

But yesterday morning my head nearly exploded from the allergies, so I ran to Target over my break – it’s across the street from my office building. On my frenzied dash to the pharmacy I passed the shoe section and saw a HUGE PICTURE of SWEATER COVERED BALLET FLATS!! In pink! And green! Not Charlie Brownish at all! Avarice filled my heart and I paused to grab some sweater shoes. Alas, there were, like, two pairs of little girl sized shoes and a pair of wellies left. I was bereft.

But wait! Later, on an office art-buying trip with a new co-worker, we stopped by a different Target to pick up a drill. She was nice enough to pass by the shoe section with me and my heart fell as I saw the empty shelves and empty boxes lying around. We almost didn’t stop, but a teeny stripe of hot pink attracted my eye. There, in the middle of all the boxes was ONE PAIR of the flats I wanted. In my size (11! Always hard to find at Target!) Can you believe it?

My very own pair of pink and green sweater shoes. Just looking at them makes me smile. Thank you you shoe fairy! I left a quarter under my pillow. I couldn’t remember if you liked cookies or coins…

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