Greetings pumpkin hounds! I’ve missed all ya’ll! I’ve been rolling around in ease and luxury for a whole week, not working on much of anything and enjoying my leisure! But I said I’d take a week off and that week is over, so here I am with a pictures to get all you great pumpkins up to date with my doings.

What I did with my blog-cation…

Started  Jasmine…

OK. I’ve gone a bit fruity. I decided to give Colette’s Jasmine a try. But here’s the thing. I need to grade up and I’m antsy. And a bit lazy. So instead of being reasonable and grading, adjusting, and muslining I decided to go with the “simpler” method of freehand-adding a few inches to the hips of the size 18, then cutting out of silk charmeuse. The most annoying fabric in the history of fabrics. Also, the pattern guidelines say that one such as myself would need around two and three quarters of a yard of fabric to make version two. I decided that that was crazy talk and my one and five eights yard of silk was quite enough.

And if THAT wasn’t enough, I compensated for my lack of a muslin by hand basting the whole slippery mess together. Just to make sure it fits. Note to self: making a muslin will ALWAYS take less time than hand basting a silk blouse. That is all.

I managed to almost get the silk to stretch. As of now, I have no collar. No collar is fine. I saw a version in the Flickr pool that was totally cute and it had no collar. I’m toying with the idea of using some extra wide crocheted lace/trim as a collar, but we’ll see how that goes. It might be a bit too granny for me! Not only do I not have a collar, but I cut one sleeve with the little grainline arrow pointing correctly (along the lengthwise grain) and the other sleeve would only fit lined up with the crosswise grain, so I’ll likely have one sleeve that ‘grows’ a bit more than the other sleeve. And all the little facings are cut completely off grain. actually, everything is probably off grain…the silk is fairly heavy, so the whole cutting on the bias makes for strangely amoeba like pattern pieces that grow and stretch immediately upon handling, coming to resemble nothing close to the paper pattern piece.

If I end up with a wearable garment, it will be a miracle. A miracle that ends up with me owning a shiny white shirt. Not something I normally wear. But (a) since silk is supposed to be warm, I thought this might be a cozy alternative to long-sleeve-scoop-neck-t-and-cardigan for the winter (b) c’mon… cream silk. It will match everything and not show basset hound fur. Anyone mentions the word ‘slobber’, you’re getting 86’d from my blog, K? Let’s have a look of my pile of useless scraps left over after cutting time, shall we?

Oooooo… cutting on the bias is annoying. Silk is annoying. I’m moving on. What else did I do with my blog-cation???

I fixed a lamp

My mom brought me a broken lamp the last time she came to visit. She knew I’d be attracted to its granny chicdom. She was right. Turns out it wasn’t so broken. I thought it would need all new insides, and actually went so far as to just put the shade on a different base (a white basic number from Target. Not a good choice for this shade.) But then I realized that I just had to screw a little plastic piece back on the top to get the switch to stop wobbling.

What a cute lamp. It’s in my sewing nook. Doesn’t that look like a sewing nook lamp?

We bought a freezer!

Have you guys seen my refrigerator? It’s awesome, but small.

Here’s a photo from the manufacturer’s website that shows it a bit better.

I love that we found a small fridge that fits well in our small kitchen, but, well… it’s small. I’ve been struggling with the freezer, what with trying to make good on our commitment to not waste what we grew in our garden and with the new lifestyle of working full time and trying to eat real meals every night – I wanted more freezer space. When I first suggested it to Mr. Bug he was a skeptical bear over the idea. He thought it would raise our electricity bill a lot. But he came around and was actually the driving force behind us getting a much more roomy freezer than I initially had in mind. Here it is at the store – I put my purse on it to give a sense of scale. Of course, since you haven’t seen my purse, this isn’t overly helpful, but you get the picture, right?

Yay freezer! It comes to live with us on Saturday. Stupid delivery schedule. I have things that need freezing NOW!!

Hmmmm… what else did I do over the last week? Oh yes…

Hair cut and subsequent OD’ing on self portraits using my phone…

When I went to get my hair cut I realized that the last time I visited a salon I had to scale a snowbank to get in the front door. It was probably last February. My hair was getting out of control by the end of the summer, and with my new job and excessively busy October, it became a case of pigtails-every day just trying to look not overly crazy frazzled hair lady. I had four inches cut off and it’s a much more tidy bob again. Whew.

Fabric safari!

Saturday I headed out on a fabric safari with Laura, aka Mommylap, fellow blogger, extra funky style lady and general friend-about-town. Here she is graciously posing so I could Instagram her out to the world…

We checked out a few fabric shops in and around Minneapolis (Treadle, SR Harris and Digs, the new yarn/fabric/gift shop in south Mpls, for those interested.) It was a super fun and relaxing way to spend a few hours on a Saturday afternoon. Except I got my coffee taken away in Treadle. Stupid brown coffee. It was returned before I headed out the door (and after I made the nice lady cutting my fabric look at 25 pictures of Lucy on my phone. Stupid basset hound obsessed crazy lady (me, not the nice lady))…

Here’s my haul.

Nice, huh? From the top down – a nice quality spandexy jersey from Treadle. I know I like stripey shirts, so this’ll just be a scoop-neck long sleeved T. Probably with thumbholes. I will wear it out. Next is a fun coral gingham el-cheapo, curling at the edges jersey from discount warehouse SR Harris. I couldn’t resist it. It’ll be fun, right? Next is a cute woven wool that’ll be a bear to work with but will make a nice pencil skirt. Next up is a total copy-fabric. It’s a wool/lycra blend in a plum color that’s super scratchy. Laura had actually pulled the bolt, but we shared a cart and I saw how nice it looks with the woven wool (above it in the pile) so she graciously allowed me to buy some too. She’s making a cowl neck something or other, so I’ll try to refrain from making the EXACT same thing as her… The last fabric at the bottom of the pile is a 100% poly sweater knit. I don’t love 100% poly sweater knits, but I DO love sweater knits, and this one is basset-fur friendly and feels nice and soft.

The great pumpkin hound

Happy Halloweenie!!

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