Good morning you newsprint paper mache octopies! Guess who got her November issue of the Anthropologie catalog yesterday?? And guess who ALMOST did an entire post on how to make some nice newsprint ornaments? Me! Me! And Lucy. Wait, no. Lucy would totally EAT the paper mache mixture – that’s just flour and water, right? I seem to remember some pretty terrible girl scout projects that involved balloons and tootsie rolls and homemade paste and strips of newspaper…

Instead of an anthro-inspired craft project, I thought it would be MUCH more fun to pick out my favorite looks from the catalog and then track down the appropriate patterns for the copying of said looks. I’m nothing if not a plagarist, amiright?


Anyway, the joke is clearly on me. I started this post thinking it would be an easy one – it’s practically re-blogging, after all. I didn’t take into account the obsessive possiblities in finding the PERFECT pattern for each garment, much less frequent side trips to Emma One Sock and Gorgeous Fabrics to get an eyeball full of superawesomepants fabrics. Let’s jump in shall we?

I’ll just go through the catalog in order… hopefully I’m linking correctly so if you click the photo or the caption beneath it you should jump to the right page in the catalog. Once there you can click on the garment to get more details if you’d like (like I need to explain how to navigate an online catalog to all ya’ll!)

Weekend Wear

{Anthro | Nov 2011 | p. 17}

OK! First off a super cute jacket and jeans. I think you all know my ongoing struggle with finding some wide-legged or flared jeans that I love. It hasn’t really happened yet – wide swishy legs look chic and graceful on Miss Thing up there with her giant yellow bag, but on me they just look like, oh, you know. Tree trunks. I still love this look.

For the jacket, I of course thought of a shortened up version of everyone’s favorite Colette coat, the Lady Grey, but she’s lacking in the ruffles which I think is what I super loved in this plaid. Instead I found this little number from Simplicity:

{Simplicity 2150}

It’s the view B in red that I liked for this  (lower right corner.) Add a little belt and sew it up in a nice plaid wool and wouldn’t that be cozy? Of course, I must confess that I’m now secretly obsessed with view D. In fake fur. Yellow fake fur. Just like Beyonce’s wearing in the trailer park video whilst she dances in her underpants. Although I’m guessing her coat is real fur. What sort of crazy creature makes a yellow fur coat?

Wait, where was I? Ah yes! The jeans. Now… you can see from the back of the nice model’s thigh that these are actually fairly wide legged jeans, and I believe the description says they are high waisted. I’m ignoring that. For those of us not a size 0 and 8 feet tall, I’m thinking something more fitted through the thigh and flared from the knee would achieve the same lines. This HotPatterns trouser design has caught my eye repeatedly. I absolutely dislike sailor buttons on the front, and the lacing in the back is just weird, but I like the shape of the trousers in general and suspect one could minimize the crazy details once the pattern is in hand. When it comes to trousers (much like knits from yesterday’s post) I prefer to actually start with my size rather than grading, and I appreciate that Hot Patterns goes up to the equivalent of a RTW size 26 or so.

{Hot Patterns 1016}

Road Tripping…

Next up is a twofer!!

{Anthro | Nov 2011 | p. 21}

Ah! I love BOTH of these outfits so MUCH! I’m turning into a crazy lady, leaving the house with no pants on and just a big sweater over leggings, so I’m sure you can see why the orange dress and white sweater on the left are rocking it for me. And the outfit on the right is also up my alley, although I think they went a bit far with the blue suede shoes. I LOVE the way the orange in the cardi picks up the orange in the print of the skirt!

For the outfit on the left, I found this excellent cardi pattern on Ravelry. I didn’t read through the details too closely, but what a great sweater, right?


Doesn’t that photo look ripped from an Anthro catalog? That pattern looks a bit (OK, a mile) above my current skill level, but I would wear a sweater like that to DEATH. I don’t much care for the preponderance of RTW super long cardis that are missing the fabric over the behind area.

For the dress, I thought this Butterick sheath would make a nice, casual dress. Obviously, one would want to avoid the shiny material that Butterick couldn’t seem to resist. I love the ruching detail and that this is meant for knit fabrics.

{Butterick 5383}

The look on the right – with the green pencil skirt and orange and creme cardi – are clearly calling for some old standbys – the Burda Jenny skirt (skip the suspenders) and the Miette cardigan.

{Burdastyle Jenny skirt}

{The Miette Cardigan}

Lace and chiffon

The next look got me SO excited, because my favorite pattern from the summer – the knit’n’cotton dress – is the PERFECT base for this dress! Here it is, although I think the crazy feather necklace really detracts from it!!

{Anthro | Nov 2011 | p. 75}

Isn’t that a pretty little dress? Here’s a shot of the Kwik Sew pattern that would work well for remaking this dress – in case you missed the 4 versions I made over the summer…

{Kwik Sew 3758}

I’d definitely go with the black and white version, It’s easy to leave the sleeves off for an exact copy, or include them for a more winter-friendly dress. The tie at the waist is a belt that I usually skip when I’m wearing the dress and underneath the belt there’s just a regular old waistband instead of the wide elastic on the red version. What makes this dress so fun is the potential for mixing and matching fabrics – knits on the top, wovens on the bottom. All of mine (so far) have been interlock on top and quilt weight cotton on the bottom, but why not a sweater knit and some silk to get the Anthro look?  I found this lovely, lacey knit on Emma One Sock…

{Emma One Sock}

For the skirt, I found some nice, coordinating silk chiffon and silk charmeuse in “wheat” at Gorgeous Fabrics! Wouldn’t those be just dreamy to wear, and look lovely with the lacey top?

{silk chiffon | wheat}

{silk charmeuse | harvest wheat}

Oh, sigh. Must make this dress!

OK, just one more… the classic

I’m including this look which is SUPER basic, but I like it because (a) it’s a good reminder of how great fabrics and simple pieces chosen well can make a fairly boring outfit look really special and (b) I’m quite taken with the length of the cardigan. I’m a lover of the fairly cropped cardi, but friend-Laura (aka @mommylap) often rocks the cami and full skirt look with a longer cardi and it’s making me take a second look at these mid-hip length Mr. Rogers sweaters…

{Anthro | Nov 2011 | p. 32}

This outfit would be a super quick sewup for the weekend, especially if one has a serger available for one’s use. The cardigan style is a good option for making from a sweater knit fabric, rather than knitting by hand. This New Look pattern has  nice, longer cardigan pattern included, although I bought it for the great t-shirt view!

{New Look 6735}

The skirt in the Anthro look is made from a super-saturated fabric that looks fairly lightweight. It looks like a dirndl skirt with a wide waistband. I would look for a pattern that has a fairly wide waistband and then make it so the waistband cinches the more narrow part of my midriff rather than my natural waist – I think this skirt style can be a bit tricky and unflattering. It looks like the model is wearing hers a bit higher than her natural waist as well.  This quick and easy skirt pattern from Butterick has some nice potential.

{Butterick 5613}

I think the ‘wide waistband’ of view C pictured above is meant to be more of a yoke and worn down around the hip, but I would make this sized so that the yoke sits up a bit higher than my waist. My favorite circle skirt pattern from Kwik Sew is sort of the same – it includes a ‘yoke’, but I wear it with the yoke up higher, more like a waistband. Of course, this works for me as I’m snowman shaped and my most narrow part is at the upper part of my ribcage, right below my bust, so it’s not a problem for me to wear a shaped yoke like this up higher.

Straight up reblogging

Before I sign off I thought it only fitting that I do some straight up reblogging… first up: shoes. If you’d like to make these at home I don’t have anything for you. But if you have an extra $150… meow.

{Anthro | Nov 2011 | p. 43}

And here’s some gadgetry geeking out. I had successfully staved off my iPad lust by finally procuring an iPhone (thank you Sprint. The longest relationship of my adult life. Here’s to 10 more good years.) Unfortunately I’ve got it BAD for the iPad again after seeing this contraption. Of course, I could purchase a MacBook for the price of the iPad and this gadget, but that wouldn’t be nearly as cool. Or make NaNoWriMo nearly as fun…

{Anthro | Nov 2011 | p. 48}

OK, I’m off! And I’ve blown my blogging time-budget for the week. Expect instagram photos of Lucy asleep for Thursday and Friday’s posts….

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