Hello there majestic bison. Queens of the prairie. Causers of Custer State Park traffic jams. It’s fall and you know what that means. Tights. The bane of early fall mornings. But necessary for those of us in chilly cities like Minneapolis. And for any of you out there who can’t fit into those super funky Betsy Johnson getups I keep seeing at DSW, you know the emotional and financial stress of trying out one new brand pair of overpriced, jumped up nylons after another, unable to yank those suckers up past your kneecaps and out another fifteen bucks. I thought it would be fun and potentially helpful for you AND me to do some reviews of the tights I’ve been trying out. First up, Liz and Me tights that I got from Catherines (I was there with my MOM, OK!!??)

The brand: Liz & Me Control Top, Cable patterned tights from Catherine’s

For those of you who aren’t up on your plus size chain shops, Catherine’s is an almost nationwide chain store that is geared towards the “baby boomer set.” My mom likes going there a lot, and the clothing usually strikes me as careerish with a hefty dose stretchy pants and a higher price tag than I expect. I got two pairs of ‘cable knit’ tights and two regular, smooth, opaque tights. It was a buy three get one free deal. So far I’ve only tried out one pair of the cable knit tights, so we’ll revisit the smooth opaque variety at a later date…


These run $14 a pair, although I purchased for $10.50 each


At the Catherine’s that I was at they had the smooth and cable textured in brown, black and grey. No traditional ribbed tights.

The real-life wearing conditions…

I wore these to work with a skirt and a pair of fairly frumpy Mary Janes… here’s a terribly lit, blurry photo. These are the grey cable textured tights.

My personal sizing issues…

OK – so as most of you know, sizing on tights is based on a mix of height and weight. I have relatively long legs, a SUPER short crotch depth in the front with an extra LONG crotch depth in the back – I have a big round booty and a lot of high hip fluff. Since I need extra length in the legs AND the behind, a lot of tights are super uncomfortable as they dip down right at the center back waist and I have to tug them back up all day. I’m 5’8.5″ tall with a loose tape measure hip measurement of 53ish and a waist of 43ish.


These tights come in sizes 1x/2x, 3x/4x, 5x/6x and 7x (four different ‘sizes.)

Overall Fit…

I fell right in the middle of the 3x/4x range and that is the size that I bought. Overall, the tights fit. They were very generous with length, and I found that the legs were veering towards ‘skinny’ for tights – so if you’re towards the higher end of the hip and weight ranges, but lower end of the height range, you might want to consider going up to the next size.

How the legs fit

The tights had plenty of leg and back waist length. In fact, they were a bit TOO long in the leg, so I had to decide between saggy ankles or tugging all the excess to the top of the thigh, which can get uncomfortable and binding over the course of the day. Even with all the leg length, they were nearing a big too tight in the leg WIDTH (if that makes sense) – towards the upper thigh they were tight which makes them difficult to get on (easy to poke a finger right through them!) Also, since they have the cable ribbing, they weren’t as cute towards to top of the leg since the pattern was stretched out which made them pretty sheer. Since I was wearing with a just-below-the-knee length skirt that wasn’t a huge issue, though.

The fit from thigh to waist

The tights turned out to be high waisted, so I had more than enough length to get them over the booty! The package said they were ‘control top’, which perhaps was referring to the high waist, because I didn’t think they were particularly controlling in a Spanx, sucking everything in way. There was plenty of width, which made them easier to put on and also made trips to the restroom less of a hassle.

This is totally personal (like everything else I’m saying!) but as much as I appreciate the not-falling-down and potential smoothing power of high waisted tights and nylons, they are also sort of annoying. My skirt kept migrating in clockwise circles, coming to rest with the side seams lined up along my center front and back. Sigh. All that nylon and spandex wasn’t helpful keeping my lined skirt in place!


They were alright. Not having to yank up the waist was a definite plus, but that was offset by the super long legs. There was still yanking involved and the excess of material at the top of the leg made my legs a bit achy. I probably had to take one trip to the restroom for a tight adjustment in the course of my 9 hours at work.

Durability and looks

Not great. They are listed as 90% nylon/10% spandex, so I thought they’d be a bit more beefy. I managed to get a giant run in the top part when putting them on. Luckily the change in weave at the top of the leg + a liberal dose of hairspray kept the run from heading down my leg, but I generally toss tights out if they have any runs in them, so that was a bit dissapointing. Also, even though I KNEW they were a cable/rib ‘texture’ and not a real-life sweater-knit tight, I didn’t love how thin the material was. When my tights are opaque, I like them to be OPAQUE!! Perhaps the next size up would have been more roomy in the leg area (and therefore less sheer), but I would have had to contend with even MORE leg length!


A solid middle-0f-the-road pair of tights. Not great, not terrible. They fit OK. I really liked that they listed the hip measurement right on the package in addition to height and weight, and going up to 7x is a nice touch. I also liked that they were high waisted, even though that makes my skirt slide all over the place! While I wished they were a bit thicker and a bit more supportive, I think they were fairly well-priced for what I got. At least, priced how I’d expect! While it KILLS me to spend $14 on a what is very nearly a disposable garment, that’s not really that high of a price tag for good tights, just a bit above Target prices.


I’ll use a 1 through 10 scale, with 1 on the low end and 10 on the high end…

Sizing and fit (in line with the package): 8

Value (what I got for what I paid): 7

Quality: 5

Comfort: 7

Overall: 6.75

Buy again? Only on sale…

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