Greetings honeybees! As I type this, I have a sleepy, slightly sick basset hound fighting for lap-space with my laptop. Silly basset hound. The computer has the word lap IN ITS NAME!!

I don’t know about you wasp-waisted stinging insects, but one thing I’ve learned since I started blogging (and seeing myself immortalized in digital film) is that I like my waistband MUCH higher than I once thought. A tricky subject, waistband focus. There’s a bunch of style rules I’ve seen here and there. Wide belts and extra boobage don’t mix. Minimize big hips with giant shoulders (honestly, have you guys looked at the styling tips in Fit For Real People?) Wearing white after labor day proves communist leanings (was that just MY grandma who said that?)

A few months ago I noticed from the stats on my blog that some of my photos were used as an example of what NOT to do on a discussion board over at Pattern Review. I don’t remember exactly the specific photo or the topic, but I remember there were two different outfits – one with the shirt tucked into a skirt with a high, wide waistband and one with the shirt untucked. The poster thought that the tucked in version, while accenting my more narrow midriff, put all the focus on my hips, while the untucked photo created a longer, more balanced visual line that minimized my hips.

At first the comment got me all steamed up – mostly because the poster phrased it in a “I’m sure [thesnugbug] thinks that…” I’m not a fan of folks assuming they know what’s in my mind. But when I clicked through some of the other posts in the discussion I realized that the whole discussion was about minimizing hips – a style goal that I’m just not that into. I don’t mind if my hips are all like HEY NICE TO MEET YOU, although I like the hipline to be smooth, not weirdly bumpy. I DO, however, dislike a column-like silhouette for me. I’m a fan of a waist. Wherever that waist might fall on my body.

So in that spirit, I snapped some photos during my marathon photo session this weekend. One outfit, four ways. I honestly can say I’m not sure which one I like best, although I know which one I don’t like, and which one I think makes my head look strangely large**

**OK, so mr. bug and I went to Target at midnight on Thanksgiving. It was super fun and and got a new camera  – a Cannon Elph500. It has a wider angled lens than my old one and this weekend was my first real time using it. I thought my head looked oddly large in ALL the photos. I think it has to do with getting used to the new lens angle – I had to set my tripod a few feet closer to me than I used to!


This is probably my least favorite one, although that’s mainly because I think it’s boring. Also, I think I like the higher waistband because it makes my legs look longer. I fancy myself a seven foot amazon and prefer my style choices reflect that inner image…

Skinny belt

It has taken me AGES to even consider putting on a skinny belt. I think that belts this size look freakishly small on me, although I suspect that that is just because I’m not sued to seeing them. I very much prefer this outfit with a bit of black at the waist to break up all that coral.

Wide belt

I have to say it, bee-friends. I don’t care how unflattering a wide belt is or how much it gives me a super-shortwaisted look. I freaking LOVE wide belts. I love how they look and I love the forced extra-good posture that results from wearing them. It’s hard to slouch wearing a three inch band around one’s waist…


While this used to be a look I just thought was strange, I’ve grown fond of the super high, wide waistband. Doesn’t this make my head look strangely huge? Alien-like, in fact?

The side-by-side

Oooooo… I love a good side-by-side, don’t you? The relatively similar posing was a complete accident. Or, at least, it was unintentional. We all know how much I love my hands-on-the-hips pose. I stand like this in real life, too.

Style-wise, I probably go for the wide belt and untucked look most often, although I see the merit of the skinny belt versions. The untucked version really isn’t THAT bad, I just think it looks unfinished in this outfit. Someone get that poor look some accessories, on the double!

What say you – is the high waisted look (a favorite of the curvy-girl-fashionista-set, from what I see on the interwebs) freakish? Do you steer clear of wide belts? Should I stick some giant shoulder pads in this sweater?



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