Hey monkies! Some of you might have noticed that the blog has been down for maintenance for a few days. Those of ya’ll familiar with self-hosted wordpress blogs will understand the general, low-level anxiety associated with seeing those multiple updates available. Taunting you whenever you log in to do a new post… Last time I updated my plugins I had HOURS of fixes to do after the fact, which made me put off another round of updates. But it was time for change, so I bit the bullet, shut down for a few days and spent some of my holiday weekend doing some blog puttering.

Everyone, meet the new look!

Other than the general behind the scenes housekeeping, I spruced up the look and feel a bit. Less grungy typerwriter and pink, more green and heavy block type. I also added a new ‘menu’ (really, just a collection of posts) for ‘House and Garden’. With our recent move to Texas and the resulting house projects, I think the focus of the blog is likely to be shared between sewing and homestuff for the foreseable future and I wanted to reflect that in the structure. Everything else is pretty much where it was before. I retired the very cool gallery-style pages for the Finished Project and Tutorial sections. Until I find a new solution, that particular plug-in is just way too time intensive, requiring a hack to get it to work that required a LOT of recoding after each update. If any of you knows of an easy (i.e., no coding/hack required) way to set up gallery pages that link back to posts, let me know, ‘K?

Oh! I almost forgot – my favorite new plug in! check out the grey Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest icons in the upper left corner!! Just click on ’em to see my most recent posts on each platform. Cool, huh?

OK! Off I go. It’s Memorial Day, which means project-day for Mr. Bug and I! Hope you all like the new blog-digs!

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