OK, OK. No dirty laundry. Just last night’s project: organizing our new laundry room. I have an unseemly interest in seeing the insides of YOUR closets, so I figure at least some of you are probably interested in seeing mine! Unpacking continues at a slow pace with both Mr. Bug and I working during the day, but last night I finally organized our new laundry room.

This space was a bit of a challenge. Our Minneapolis laundry area was in the basement, with tons of room for Ikea storage. The new space is just big enough for our washer and dryer, so it was all about editing to fit everything in that we needed. In fact, storage in general is turning into a bit of an issue, something I did NOT expect with as much room as we have! We’re used to the whole basement to stash things in, so even though we have so many more ROOMS we actually have a lot less storage space.

The laundry room is right off the kitchen, which I like. Mr. Bug is head washerman in our house, and in Minneapolis he’d be in the basement FOREVER, folding, sorting and monitoring the temperature of the dryer. I missed him. With the laundry room so close I can keep track of him while he engages in his obsessive laundry practices.

We were also happy that the laundry room has this charming little window. Last night after I finished organizing and showed Mr. B where everything was, he asked for a cute little curtain to go in the cute little window. One curtain, burlap, coming right up. With a nice little topiary for the window sill!

We also splurged and bought a new laundry basket from Target. A basket-looking one, although it’s actually some sort of resin or plastic. I looked at real wood baskets, but they were so much more expensive and I was a bit concerned about damp clothes damaging the wicker or sharp wicker basket parts snagging the clothes. This laundry basket replaces the well used plastic one that Mr. Bug tearfully left behind in Minneapolis. It served him well for many years and it was a difficult parting…

There was one built in shelf, SORELY in need of a paint job! I really wanted to do that first, but we’ve agreed to just get everything unpacked first, and then come back for the little updates in the second pass. From left to right we have two clear plastic tubs from Ikea, stacked. Top one has vacuum bags and attachments, bottom one is lightbulbs. The white basket is full of new/unused/clean supplies for cleaning, like rags, sponges, etc. There’s a few bottles of vinegar and Windex, then a white Ikea box with floor cleaning supplies and one bin of general cleaning supplies – Pine Sol and Goo Gone. Finally there’s a magazine file with all the user manuals for our appliances.


I don’t know if it’s really visible in the photos, but everything is labeled with my P-Touch labelmaker. I have a nice box of hanging labels that I use on baskets and things that I don’t want to stick the label to – in the lower right corner of the picture above you can see the basket’s label.

Mr. Bug had this little 2 shelf bookcase when we moved in together. It’s older, but solid wood and I painted it white last year. Top shelf is laundry soap, bottom shelf Dryel and dryer sheets. Our dusters are tucked back in the corner and found a teeny wastebasket in our piles of stuff that actually fit really well. The white basket is for dirty hand towels and such from the kitchen, as the rest of our hampers are on the 2nd floor in our bedroom. I was super excited to find THREE of these white baskets at Ikea in the As-Is section! $7.50 each!

Items that are left for the second pass of the laundry room are painting the shelf and the pole… MAYBE painting the walls? Hooks behind the door for the dusters, aprons and Mr. Bug’s wet swimming trunks, a nice little rug or mat and possibly a 2nd laundry basket. Oh, the luxuries of two laundry baskets…

There you go! Tour over… Here’s the view from the laundry room, looking out through the kitchen and past that to the entryway, stairs to the 2nd floor and beyond that, the formal living room which in the new Bug abode will be the formal dining masquerading as a poker room…



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