Morning monkeys! I’m keeping up with my theme of non-sewing blogging, so if you’re hoping to see a finished sewing project you’re out of luck. Even though I’m not sewing I AM trying to get my sewing room organized. “Trying” being the operative word, as I continue to be very easily distracted by, you know… unpacking my clothes.

And, turns out, sanding furniture.

So… a few years ago we bought new sofas from Ikea, upgrading from a very beat up old beige leather number and giant green pillow back loveseat to the white slipcovered sofa and loveseat from Ikea. Right now we have the more pricey beige slipcovers on the sofas, although I prefer the look of the white ones, the beige hides Lucy slobber a bit better. After we brought in the white sofas I scoured secondhand and antique shops for side tables. Everything that I brought home got the black spraypaint treatment.

Here’s a shot with two of the tables in their black sprayed glory.

I liked the tables well enough, but they showed off every bit of white Lucy fur that came drifting through the air and our new place is much lighter and brighter than the Minneapolis house. I initially thought that I’d just paint the tables white to brighten them up, but then I remembered the sanded down dining table I’d recently seen on My Sweet Savannah

{My Sweet Savannah}

I loved the traces of black paint, but really, I hate sanding. I know I have a electric palm sander somewhere, but we haven’t really gotten to unpacking all the tools yet. Lucky for me, the sandpaper had been unpacked, so I went and grabbed some 100 grit paper and tried an experimental rub on the table. Turns out spray paint is more than willing to be sanded off. I sanded off an on over the course of a few days. I started with the little half-moon table that was last spotted impersonating a sofa table…

Here it is stripped down…

Mmmmm… much better.

I left a lot of the black paint in the nooks and crannies, especially on the legs – here’s a slightly blurry photo…

I almost left the legs completely black for a more farmhouse look.

I used 100 grit sandpaper for most of the job. The hardest part was making sure I’d sanded every side of the stupid cross braces on the bottom. I kept washing off the sanding dust and bringing it inside to wax, then I’d realize I’d missed a spot. I was distracted because in addition to sanding I was acting as a IT tech for my mother as she struggled to install Skype on her computer. Great googly moogly.

I eventually got all the paint sanded off as well as the original stain – this piece was stained a fairly deep shade of brown when I brought it home. After I managed to get ALL the black paint off I washed it and sort of felt it up to make sure the surface was smooth. Then I treated it with some Annie Sloan clear wax – which is supposed to be used on painted furniture, but I figured it was better than nothing.

I applied the wax with an old paintbrush we had in our stash. I sort of slathered it on, then rubbed it off right away with a hand towel. It has the consistency of butter at room temperature and is sort of stinky, although the smell went away by the next morning. I let the wax dry overnight, then rubbed it again with a clean cloth. The wax deepened the wood tone a bit and gave it a ‘finished’ feel.

Another shot of the cute little leg.

This shot shows the color a bit better. It also shows off one of my very pressing concerns right now. Pink chairs. I bought them with the thought of making slipcovers or painting/reupholstering them. But they are totally growing on me! So… pink chairs… yay  or nay? If I do anything to them, my current inclination is to reupholster with a natural/light color fabric and lighten up the wood or whitewash it – not full on paint.

The table has now been relocated to the other end of the sofa. It was just hanging out behind the loveseat before because I didn’t really have a place for it. But we FINALLY unpacked our bedroom the other day and I needed a little table to snuggle in between two wing chairs, so there was a bit of side table merry go round happening.

Next up is the sanding of the other side table. I’m sort of dreading it because not only did I spraypaint that sucker black, but it had already been painted white before I bought it. I am going to need LOTS of patience and advil to get down to the bare wood. Especially if my electric sander remains on the MIA list…



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