Morning all! I hope you had a safe and fun 4th of July – whether you were picnicking and fireworking or just regular, old Wednesday night-ing. I was so smug over the fact I managed to blog while on vacation (if one instagram photo can be considered blogging) that I completely spaced out planning for TODAY’S blog and neglected to take pictures during the daylight. So instead of my planned post, we’re doing a scavenger post.

Things I am almost done with. Or, perhaps to be more accurate, things I plan to do. Saying ‘almost done’ sort of implies I’m actually working on something, doesn’t it….

The Breakfast Nook

I spent most of the last 48 hours working on our breakfast nook and breakfast bar. I had a flash of inspiration, and rather than shell out the $300 for the two Kubu wicker chairs at World Market (no link, they’re not online, but trust me, they are there. For a photo of what I’m talking about, head on over to to see a picture or read the whole post ) I moved the pink cane chairs from the living area over to the nook. Now we have a comfy, cozy little space for eating and computering while watching TV…

Of course, this created more projects… on the breakfast nook to do list I have….

  • Pillow for bench (OK, OK… this is actually done… what I actually need is a PICTURE of the pillow for the bench!! Doesn’t count as complete until photographed… amiright?)
  • Two more layers of wax on the table top. And a really good buffing…
  • Either another layer of paint on the wood chair, or a little sanding – it looks fine in the picture, but in person it’s an obvious first coat of paint.
  • Wax for the wood chair.
  • Cushion/baby slipcover for the wood chair. I mean, we can’t sit on a WOOD chair, right? Ow!
  • SOMETHING with the cane chairs… I was really happy to move these suckers over here. I bought them intending to recover, but ended up liking the color of the cushions, especially with our fireplace. But it was too much pink when they were BY the fireplace! I’ll probably leave the upholstery as-is, but still am not in love with the wood color. We. Will. See.
  • The floor. Oh, goodness… the floor. I painted the table in place. Without a dropcloth. There’s paint everywhere. It’s chalk paint, so it’ll come up easy… but I actually have to get down on my knees with a sponge!
I love how the nook is coming along! Less than a week ago, it looked like this…

The breakfast bar

I had an abrupt change of mind on my barstool project. I removed a LOT of the finish from one of the stools, thinking I wanted almost bare wood on the backs. Well… I don’t. So now I need to figure out how to get this guy back into shape. I’m thinking of can of very dark stain and a light hand might do the trick…

Ooo! You can see a bit of the bench pillow in that picture!

I also have to make three little seat-slipcovers to cover up the bad upholstery on these guys…

Living Room…

Hey! Remember when I posted about removing the paint on this square table? Well, I haven’t gotten any farther. This table still has black paint over about half of it. In my defense, it’s been pretty hot and this is an outside stripping project. SUPER messy.

This little table in the foreground is also up for review. It’s a cute little craigslist find, but I’m not sure I love the current finish.

Also in the living room…

  • New cushions for my new craigslist wicker chair and ottoman (yes, I got some grey wicker after all!)
  • Recover seat on the OTHER new chair (also, not pictured anywhere on the blog. Yet.) and mull over the finish of the wood. It’s a mopey, limed super yellow/pink 90’s fake, plasticy, maple look… but it’s working. Hm.

The poker room

OK. I just snapped an early morning iPhone picture of the last major room to whip into shape on the first floor…

Oh. My. I’ll just do the bullet points…

  • Bookshelves – move more non-fiction into TV cabinet to make more room on shelves for game-related items
  • Recover seats (see the grey wool on the captains chair to the left? It’s under consideration to get rid of the saloon red – but it’s suit weight wool and sorta flimsey!).
  • Make a little burlap ‘rug’ to set the gumball machine on. Find gumballs.
  • (Not pictured) see if I can repurpose black ottomans by the window.
  • Hang up that MONSTER pub sign.
  • Trombone storage?
  • Consider putting away all my refinishing and waxing supplies, currently in residence on table.
  • Save money, suck it up and buy ONE MORE 8×10 (9×12?) seagrass rug. Call every Pottery Barn in Dallas to see if they have one that big with the espresso binding. Gnash teeth that we missed yesterday’s free shipping on rug sale. Resignedly buff out scratch marks on our new hardwoods from the feet of saloon chairs.
  • Put up new curtains
  • Sideboard. IN MY DEFENSE… I have made huge strides on the sideboard. Here’s how it looked when it got to Texas..

And here it is as of a few days ago…

Whew! You can see I’ve gotten up to the left-hand door with my waxing, and still have more to go – here’s my full sideboard list

  • Repair wood drawer guide on top left drawer. This will require glue, nails and patience.
  • Wax INSIDE of left-hand drawers
  • Paint and wax entire right side interior (sigh…. there are three more drawers in there!
  • Finish dark wax application
  • Clear final wax application
  • Somehow lug out of the way to clean behind and underneath (TONS of dust – I removed the finish on the top surface in place!) Put back in place without carpet pads. Worry about floor finish.

Hmmmmm…. I think I’ll wrap up. For now. These are the main projects on our first floor and main living space. Mr. Bug is more concerned on our exterior (siding, fencing) and landscaping by the pool. I think that’s a job to wait ’till fall when it cools down. And UPSTAIRS… omigoodness. There’s our bedroom to finish, some repairs in the master bath, a guestroom to paint, Mr. Bug’s office to organize and decorate (I’m trying to be hands off on that one!!) and a whole guest room that needs furniture. And just think – we went with this house in part because it was ‘move-in-ready.’

Owning a house is FUN, right? Fun?



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