Alright kittens! So…. you guys are a vocal bunch when it comes to the skirt-wearing rights of the common woman! I told my boss that he had earned the disgust of the sewing blog contingent – he seemed singularly unimpressed.

Just to clarify – my role at work AND at the shows is marketing, not sales. While I DO go to trade shows, I don’t staff the booth. As the marketing girl, I’m headed out mainly to connect with folks in the trade press – editors, sales folks, etc. I still think that I’d present better doing what I do wearing a cute dress, but that said, I have other fish to fry than a showdown over wardrobe. Especially ‘cuz if it was anyone else digging in her heels over polo-wearing, I’d be the enforcer. Assuming the ‘she’ in question was a sales person! (And I SO wish we’d ordered sweater sets instead of polos…)

The pants vs. trouser issue, on the other hand is a decided. I am wearing skirts to the show!

SO! moving on. I think I’m going to go with the Jenny + center front faux flat-felled seam. And belt loops with a back slit. I’m considering a front slit, because I’m strangely drawn to them lately, but I’ll probably go with back as it’s a bit more conservative! I had fun with photoshop today… wanna see?

First… here’s a sketch of the skirt…

OK, OK. Not super exciting. I know. Wonder how it’ll look on?

Awwww…. I look like  a cartoon character. For anyone wondering, I always stand like that. Hands in balls, hip cocked so steeply there’s a potential for a thrown joint.

Some more fun – here’s the sketch without the fill – you can see the length compared to the black Jenny. I really like how skirts look when they are the length of the Jenny… when I’m standing. When I sit, the skirt hikes up pretty high and as I said the other day, I HATE being on a plane with a too short skirt. That reminds me… my favorite dress to travel in is Vogue 1027. The skirt’s a bit longer than most of my dresses and it’s all one piece so no belts or layers to have to strip off for security. Plus it’s comfy. I have two different ones and my green and white version ALWAYS sets off the security system so I get felt up (in public) by the nice TSA ladies. Sigh. More than agent has told me that the x-ray machines have a hard time with dresses. Yet another inequity for the dress-wearing contingent….

So! There we have it. Skirt plans! Without adding a fly, it’ll be super easy to wrangle up a pattern – add a few inches length, add the belt loops and maybe add a bit of wiggle room to the current pattern so it’s extra comfy for traveling. I have some nice, stiff khaki fabric with just a teeny bit of stretch from Joanne’s and a husband who’s traveling on business from Saturday to Tuesday, so lots of sewing time in the horizon!
















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