Hi there reindeer! Wow. So. This feels a bit awkward. I know I said I’d call, but you know how it is. Things get in the way. I had to do laundry. I lost my phone. All ten of my fingers were broken in a tragic gardening accident and I’ve been unable to type for four months.

So let’s move on, shall we? No? Ok. Let’s dwell on my extended absence. I have, in fact, been doing nothing. Or rather, no sewing. More on that in a bit.

What I HAVE been doing is working. Working on our house, working on my during-the-day-work, working on the raising of an unruly hound with an unnatural and traitorous affection for my husband and very un-basset hound excess of energy.

Here they are, negating my claims of excess hound energy. Those traitors.


And I’ve been trying to settle into Texas. It’s not been the easiest of moves, ducks. We moved to a very nice subdivision in a very nice suburb with very nice neighbors and no trash on the streets. It’s the garbage I miss most. I miss the city in the worst way!

As for the sewing… not only did I lose my mojo, but a few weekends ago I packed it up in Ikea bins and replaced my sewing room with a new home office. Behold.



I’m sorry if I’ve caused pain in any of your sewing hearts! Ultimately, since I’ve moved the nature of my job has changed and I’ve been traveling more and working longer hours. It’s been months since I’ve sewn and I really needed more space to work in. So I packed up all my fabric in clear plastic bins and organized my machines into a shelf in the corner of my office. They’re still there for if the muse strikes, but in the meantime. More functional space. Also, I see why people seem to start to knit when they have less time! Easier to pull everything out – not that I’ve been knitting, either!

That said, I’ve missed blogging and all of you! So here I am, a drop in to say hi. I appreciate all of the notes folks have sent me, sorry I’ve been such a bad correspondent.

bug3ย That’s me, looking guilty.

So. Let’s take this slowly, shall we? I’m really looking for something casual. Sort of a friends with benefits thing. If we both have the time, we can totally hook up, but if you find a blogger out there who can fulfill your needs better than I can, well, I’m just happy to see YOU happy. At the end of the day I’m sort of a loner and it’s just not my nature to stay faithful, I guess.

So what have YOU all been up to, ducks?

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