Hey there daffodils! Checking in for a Saturday afternoon hello… what have you spring flowers been up to?

As for me and my hound fur infested house…. we’ve been quilting. It’s turned into a stone cold obsession, if fact. In all honesty, I’m DYING to get back to my new dress form and whip my cherry print dress into shape, but I’m absolutely OBSESSED with working on a quilt that wormed it’s way into my head. I’ve got two of nine rows done…

indigo string quilt

I saw this quilt on Film in the Fridge and LOVED the graphic, 3D quality of it. I think I’ve mentioned this in a previous post and anyone who follows me on instagram has seen shots of the fabric and some blocks.

Right now I’m planning on nine rows of eight blocks each (11″ blocks.) Making this quilt is SUPER fun, it’s the first time I’ve paper pieced and not only do I love how tidy it is, I find pulling the paper off the back super soothing (albeit messy).

The blocks for the top are made up of strips of fabric that range from .75″ to 2.5″. I stopped by a dollar store and got some little baskets for the strips. I initially had them in a mish mash of boxes that annoyed me – they were ugly and too big to easily stash away.

photo (4)

I love indigo and white quilts, don’t you?

I’d like a two toned quilt back with a few circular blocks as a fun surprise. I obsessively cruised through pinterest and decided that a row of half-Dresden plates would be perfect. There’s a blue willow print that I got from Joann’s that I love for the main fabric of the back, but I’d like a contrast color as well and am having a hard time deciding. Here’s the current contenders with my test-Dresden (so fun to make, ya’ll!)

photo (3) photo (2) blue

I had to lighten the last picture a bit so the print on the navy fabric shows. Hmmmmm… maybe I’ll go with solids and the Dresdens….

So! This is what I’ve been up to! Well… I was in Virginia for a bit last week and we’re heading out to Las Vegas next week for conference that a friend of mine is putting on. I’ve never been to Las Vegas! We’ll be pretty busy the whole time, but I’m looking forward to seeing a few palm trees and the resort we’re staying at looks very, very nice. I’m not a gambler, but the warm weather and sunshine will be welcome. And I have three pairs of socks that are half done, so plenty of on-the-road projects to work on! Anyone out there a Las Vegasite? Vegasian?



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