Hey there squirrels! Big news here in Snugbuggoland. Yeah. That’s a place. A magical place.

In ANY case… I’ve been going through some soul searching and contemplation. Trying to reconcile my life with what I want life to be. You know how we do.

Here’s something that’s been on my mind…. If you guys all came over to my house and went through my closets, I’m not sure you’d find what you might expect. At least, those of you that have been around for a while. I have a ton of clothes and shoes even though I go through and donate a couple times a year. A lot of the clothes are for a girl I’m not so very interested in being at this point.

Also. Honestly. How many bags and pairs of boots does one girl need?

But… I have good stuff. Or at least… I think it’s good! So I tossed a lot of it up on eBay! There are shoes… heels, flats and boots. All are between size 10 and 11. There’s a few dresses – all store bought (not handmade) and mostly career-ish. I’m around a dress size 18-20, but I buy some styles larger and cinch with a belt. And I’m getting rid of a few of my Coach bags. Ones I don’t carry. If you’re in a shopping mood, head on over. If you buy something (I put all up for auction, but with a ‘buy it now’ price as well) include a note in your purchase and I’ll refund $5.00 on anything that’s over $14.99 before shipping. A little discount for my fellow squirrel-friends! Remember… send me a note!

Here’s three of my favorite outfits that I put out there. If you want to see the listing, click on the image. Or else hop on over to my eBay site… Pepperhound.

First up: A SUPER cute dress from Asos, along with PURPLE WIDE CALF LEATHER BOOTS and a purple Coach bag. Mmmmmm….

Asos Skater Dress

Purple Boots


Coach Duffle

Next up is a great sheath dress. It’s a lovely shape, has some cool pleats at the neck and even has belt loops. I love the sheath silhouette, but like a bit of extra definition at the waist, otherwise I feel a bit blocky. A cute (and super comfy) pair of heels and a structured Coach tote. I used this as a laptop bag a few times! I’d swap out the brown belt that came with the dress for a black belt, but otherwise…



Franco Sarto bow pumpsCoach Tanner Tote

And for a more casual day… a sweater dress with some leggings, some roomy (and TALL) wide calf boots and a rugged briefcase/tote…

Sweater Dress


Torrid boots


Bleecker toteLater, squirrels!

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