Hideeho you wallabies, you! I hope you are all having lovely Thursday mornings. Or afternoons. Or perhaps you’re reading this months from now, in the cold, pre-dawn light. Or on Christmas Eve with a plate of cookies waiting for Santa.

ANYWAY! I’m back from Vegas (baby) and semi settled in to my normalish return. My new new normal. I’ll do a post on my trip at some point this week. I was there for a multi day business-type seminar (with a little bit of Oprah-style sharing at the mics) that gave me AND Foresterman a lot to think about. I’m still thinking.

Full disclosure… I have never, ever, in my life watched an episode of Oprah.

In the meantime… I didn’t stay in Las Vegas, proper while there – we were at a resort/hotel in Henderson. The conference had LONG hours, so we barely even got to see outside, but we did drag our exhausted selves down to the strip on our last night there. Here’s a picture of our delirious faces taken about one in the morning Las Vegas time (that’s, uh, three in the morning for me and four for Foresterman….)

ForestermanAndSnugbugLet’s get down to business, shall we? I think ya’ll know I knit in addition to renegade quilting and garment sewing. My favorite, favorite, favorite thing to knit is SOCKS! Give me a set of #2 DPNs and a ball of sock yarn and I’m a happy girl. For the most part I stick with plain-jane socks. No special cables or anything like that. So by now I can knit without even watching my hands. It’s soothing.

And I actually finished a pair! Here’s Foresterman in his blog-modeling debut**…

Snugbug Moss Socks

Snugbug Moss Socks

**Note: It’s shorts weather here in Nashville.. thus the bare legged sock modeling look….

I’m partial to contrasting yarn for toes and heels, so I normally buy two balls of sock yarn at the same time and make opposite-color pairs of socks. I got this yarn specifically for Foresterman so they needed to be green (obv) Not gonna lie, though… my little avarice filled heart took over when choosing the contrast color. I want me some purple socks.

The yarn I used is a LOVELY superwash merino/cashmere/nylon blend from Sweet Georgia. This yarn blew me away when I saw it at my LYS Haus of Yarn. Seriously, wallabies. Check out the Sweet George site. The colors are super rich and bright and I have high hopes that with the 70% superwash and 10% nylon to carry the cashmere that they will wear well. The knitted up fabric is soft and squishy. I’ll report back and the results of washing. The tag says to wash gentle in machine (or hand) and lay flat to dry. But, since I have no patience for high maintenance daily-wear items… we’ll see what the dryer does to this delicate yarn…

Sweet Georgia Cashluxe Fine

The two colors I used were English Ivy and Boysenberry.

Here’s what I have left after the first pair. There’ll be JUST enough of the green for the toes and heels of the purple pair… but JUST enough. There’s 400 yards in a ball of yarn, which is standard for sock yarn, but seems a bit skimpy to me compared to what I’m used to having left over.

Sorry about the slapdash grammar in that last sentence…

Sweet Georgia Cashluxe Fine

Like I said above, I use a basic sock pattern that’s in The book The Purl Stitch by Sally Melville. I cast on 64 stitches on #2 needles. For this pair of socks I learned a new (impossibly annoying) cast on that I LOVE… I’ll follow the blog post and just call it the Super Stretchy Cast On… but I think it also goes by another name – Russian-something. This cast-on really stretches with the rib. Up until this pair of socks I’ve always used a long-tail cast on for socks and it’s fine, but feels a bit tight after time.

Sally Melville The Purl Stitch

By the way, if any of you are interested in learning to knit… I LOVE the Sally Melville books! In knitting there are really only two stitches – knitting and purling. The patterns just come from doing the two basic stitches in different ways. The books are structured to teach the knit stitch ONLY in the first book with lots of projects using just that stitch. Then book two adds the purl stitch. The books are also really, really good at guiding new knitters through the intuitive side of knitting. Less how-to, more suggestions on how to really pay attention to what’s happening on the needles so that when something goes off it’s easy to notice and fix. For you knitters out there… remember your first scarf that mysteriously went from 36 stitches one row to 38 the next row? That’s what I’m talking about.

One pair of socks DONE! I have two more pairs to finish. Both pairs have one sock fully knitted, with the second sock on the needles. And both are in grrrranimals colors! Is there any other appropriate color for handknit socks?

Snugbug Socks

See my Ravelry post here (super bare bones… but if you’re on Ravelry friend me! Or whatever the proper Ravelry-verb is….)

Sidenote: Blog redesigned….

Hey! Based on my google analytics most of you stop by via mobile devices and I’m guessing even if you’re on your laptops you’re using bloglovin or feedly or some such reader. (Also, most of you seem to be from Texas… holla!) That’s how I read blogs too so I totally get that! But stop by the REAL site sometime. I redesigned the blog recently and you can view my pinterest AND instagram feeds right on the homepage! I also added ‘Pin It’ buttons to the photos for easier pinning. The loading’s a bit slower than I like, but, well. Giant pictures all over the place do that! Also: sorry for you mobile readers, I’m having trouble figuring out the mobile layout with my theme, so the menus are sort of funky!!

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