Greetings earthlings! I’m back from a few days in Memphis for birthday celebrating! If ya’ll follow me on Instagram you may have seen some of the pictures. It was the best birthday EVER! We found a charming little cottage on that’s dog-friendly so Peppermint got to come along. We went to see Graceland, ate lots of really good food and listened to some mind-blowing blues.

Right before we headed out of town last Sunday I got a SPECIAL birthday surprise! As I mentioned in my last post I’d decided to sell my guest bed and convert my guest room to a work-slash-sewing room. I’d gotten a little discouraged as various potential Craigslist inquiries yielded no sales. Then right when we were (thinking of) getting ready to get in the car and head out I got a text from a guy who wanted the bed! Hooray! Bed sold, we headed to Memphis for two nights of fun!

We’re back in Nashville and I spent today getting things in order in my new sewing space. I was snapping pictures and snapped a few more of the rest of the house to give all ya’ll a little tour! Ready??

The Sewing Room…

My new sewing room will double as an office and if I ever DO get guests, this’ll probably also serve as a second room with the help of an air mattress. I found the farmhouse table on Craigslist to use as my main desk/worktable. I’m toying with the idea of getting a desk or console table to set under the window so that my sewing machine and serger can stay set up, leaving the farmtable as a work surface, but I really like the open feel of the room right now and want to sit with it for a bit.

The giant wicker trunk under the desk is from Ikea and is home to my much-reduced fabric stash these days…

Snugbug sewing roomAgainst one wall is my super giant Ikea shelf with all of my books. The baskets have patterns, my ironing things, hand sewing supplies and belts, scarves and bags.  In Texas, this shelf was full of fabric, but I’ve destashed quite a bit. For now this works!

Snugbug booksOn the other side of my room are the rest of my supplies. Each box holds different things – one for felt, one for serger thread, jewelry making supplies, craft supplies, paper supplies, velcro/elastic/zippers. One basket holds all my ribbons and the other is my sewing basket – all my rulers, tools, pincushions and such.

The curtains are hiding a garment rack tucked away in an alcove – all of my dresses are hanging in there.

Snugbug Ikea ShelfAcross the room is my new hutchbeast with MORE supplies, rulers, buttons, a basket for current project stuff, trims and baskets of knitting.

Snugbug suppliesMy wall-art makes me grin! I have a sock form on one wall…

Snugbug sock formOn this wall I have a photo of a fire fighter that my dad took – he was a photographer – and a piece of my grandmother’s incessant crocheting that I put in a frame.

Snugbug CrochetUntil now, I’ve been using my dining room as my work room. I am in LOVE with my dining room, ya’ll!! Turns out, my grandma’s china cabinet that I stripped a few years ago looks nice with my Pottery barn farm table that was a craigslist find in Minneapolis. My favorite part of my dining room is the mis-matched chairs!

Snugbug dining roomLet’s head on over to the other side of the house, shall we? Ima skip most of the living room…. there’s a sick foresterman with a basset hound camped out on the sofa… we’ll head over to the bedroom!

Snugbug living roomThe photo above is me, standing in my living room, pointing the camera towards the bedroom. The grey cupboard is another Annie Sloan special. Inside are games, DVDs, extra cords and lightbulbs. On top an old mirror and a few games (backgammon and dominos) wooden boxes and a biography of Lincoln that foresterman got for me at a used bookshop. I’m reading my way through the lives of the presidents.

You can see Pepper’s basket of toys off to the right. Even though this is at Pepper height… if she wants a new toy she just barks at the basket until I get her one. Drama queen.

The bedroom!

Snugbug bedroomOops! Artwork isn’t hung yet and Pepper’s bed is on the floor! I’m SO glad I swapped out for this room, though. It’s light and airy and the walls are blue and it feel like a very HGTV style serene getaway…

Snugbug dresserSame old Ikea dresser and my awesome-pants map of Scandinavia on the dresser. More artwork waiting to be put up…

Snugbug bedroomThe super-duper long bench came from a fleatique sort of shop close to my house in Nashville. The double windows face the front of the house and the wicker trunks hold my recently-downsized collection of handbags and my leggings and tights.

Snugbug bedroomWhen I sold the guest bed I raided the linens! I’d decked out the guest room in pretty calico linens from the Shabby Chic line at Target. I swiped the pillows, shams and the quilt from the guest bed to make an uber-girly REAL bedroom! The grey checked comforter keeps it somewhat under control!

My little grey kitchen

My kitchen makes me super happy. When I moved to Nashville I was moving from the standard, suburb-of-Dallas, granite-and-convection-oven-everything-stainless-silent-dishwasher kitchen.

I was a little worried about ‘downsizing’ to a rental kitchen, but you know the only thing I really miss? The garbage disposal.

Snugbug KitchenThe walls are a cool, sort of horizontal-beadboard. They were painted grey when I moved in. I gave in to a lifelong love of impractical kitchen design and went with full-panel, living room style toile curtains. I love the grey walls, the black and white linen, white cupbards and pine floors.

There isn’t a lot of storage in the kitchen, so I added my Annie Sloan cabinet (the microwave hides in there) and industrial shelving. Everything is out in the open and I LOVE how it looks!

Snugbug KitchenHere’s another shot pointed towards the funky bathroom with the red clawfoot tub and black subway tile…

Snugbug Home TourBest part of the bathroom? My little collection of sort-of-red-sort-of-vintage-themed wall stuff… I’ve had the little red clipboard forEVER and the postcard is a piece that was (is?) in the MIA in Minneapolis that I fell in love with. I found the basset ad at a antique shop on 8th in Nashville and the pinup girl is from a flea market in Madison that the forester man and I went to a couple of weeks ago. I painted the frame of the pin up girl.

Snugbug bathroomSo… that’s sort of it! The Snugbug Nashville in 20 photos or less! But before we go… how about a shot of the first rose of the season??

Snugbug roses











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