Hey there buzzards! Foresterman’s been teaching me about birds, lately. Turns out… most of the birds I point our are buzzards. Seems like there’s a message there… let’s all reflect.

On that somber bird-related note… I hope all ya’ll know how much I love all the time we’ve had together lately! I missed you guys and it’s nice to be back, doing the things I love. Sewing, blogging, hanging out with my dog. Eating apples.

But you know what I really missed from the old blogging days? Teaching sewing classes. Especially the beginner classes. And guess what? I’m heading back to the classroom! Uh… sewing room. Uh… sewing classroom!?

There’s a new shop in town called the Fabric Studio. It’s the brainchild of the lovely Nancy Conger, a sprite-like, awesomepants who moved herself to Nashville and just went and opened up a fabric shop! Just like that, ladies!

The shop is smallish, but very pretty and white. With great fabrics that span quilting, to awesome knits to lovely silk. I’ll probably circle around for a larger ‘tour’ post at some point… so let’s keep it brief!

Lovely quilting fabric…

The Fabric Studio fabric

The Fabric Studio fabric

There’s a very well edited selection of silk… I’m getting angsty wanting to make a few yards of the super graphic navy/white at twelve-o’clock and the uber-multi colored print at just a little past twelve into a crazy maxi dress….

The Fabric Studio SilkI’ve got a nice little stash happening already from the shop. I finished up a black and white striped Colette Moneta tonight – lovely, smooth stretchy perfect fabric!

Snugbug Colette MonetaAnd just the other day foresterman made a request… A nice man’s shirt. I picked up a copy of Colette’s Negroni and the new Zinnia skirt for me. And three yards each of this lovely light chambray and a 50/50 cotton linen. He wants his shirt in the neutral so the chambray is destined to be a pretty little Zinnia. With buttons.

The Fabric Studio... fabricFun, huh?

So! Classes are starting up, a mix of quilting, beginning sewing and pattern/lecture classes. I’ll be teaching my favorite, favorite class to teach… sewing 101. It’s a three hour class and half of it is an overview of the sewing machine – how to thread, clean, wind a bobbin. The second half of the class is an easy pillowcase. I’ve taught a variation of this class before and loved it. The rest of the class lineup looks super fun too! Lladybird is doing a few lecture classes as well as the Ginger and new-to-me Devon aka Miss Make is covering another lecture class as well as the Washi dress!

More soon, buzzards!

Some links!!

The Fabric Studio Nashville website

Class Schedule

Teacher Bios





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