Hey there doodlebugs! Oh… I have so much blogging to catch up on! I have finished my Moneta (wore it today, picture below!) and I’m ALMOST done with a lovely rose garden, quilting fabric, princess seamed little number. With horrible, evil, slippery, polyester hell fabric from Hancock that is, never the less, pink and orange plaid and very cool!

I haven’t done a catchup on Me-Made May for over a week, so let’s jump in, shall we?

May 6th

For today’s picture there’s a super blurry ME in a silly pose. Super blurry… not so noticeable on Instagram…

Shirt: me-made (New Look 6899), blogged here
Skirt: Torrid

Snugbug MMM14 day 6May 7th

I love this dress, it’s a Betsey Johnson jersey that’s lovely and fun, but unfortunately shows off Peppermint’s hair a bit too much, so I don’t wear it too often.

Dress: me-made (Butterick 5454), unblogged, but same pattern blogged here
Shoes: Dansko

Snugbug MMM Day 7

May 8th

OK. The fabric of the skirt is a bit goofy – this was a sample I sewed for a class I was teaching back in Minneapolis. I forgot how much I like this pattern, though – it’s a wrap skirt, good coverage, length, all that.

Shirt – me-made (New Look 6735), unblogged, but pattern blogged here
Skirt: me-made (Kwik Sew 2954), blogged here
Bag: Coach

Snugbug MMM14 Day 8May 9th

First tripod picture! The little shed is in my jungle-like backyard. Fun!

Dress: me-made (Vogue 1027), blogged here
Shoes: Dankso

Snugbug MMM14 Day 9May 10th

This one is a sort of goofy outfit, and indicative of my running low on me-mades!

Skirt: me-made (Sewholic 1101), blogged here
Tank: Target
Sweater: New York and Co
Shoes: Born

Snugbug MMM14 Day 10May 11th

This outfit was fun and I learned something! The shirt is from Torrid and it’s got a band of shirring around the waist and then flares back out. I really liked the fit when I tucked it in! The shirring made for a nice fit for a woven, tucked shirt.

Skirt: me-made, unblogged, and can’t remember pattern used!!
Shirt: Torrid
Shoes: Dansko
Belt: Torrid

Snugbug MMM14 Day 11

May 12th

Dress; me-made (Colette Patterns Crepe dress), blogged here
Shoes: Dansko (Ok, I have two different pairs, plus the uggo clogs. All that time working at home, barefoot, has led to fairly excruciating foot pain if I don’t wear comfy shoes…)

Snugbug MMM14 Day 12May 13th and 14th

Uhhhhhh…. I flaked. That is all. Moving on.

May 15th

I was in the car all day…. so comfort was key. The only me-made was a me-altered pair of RTW jeans. So I did some awesome picture taking. Of my knees.

Snugbug MMM14 Day 15May 16th

And today! I’ts cooler out and I almost put on knee-high boots. Here’s my newly-stitched Moneta… I’ll blog about it next week!

Dress: me-made, not blogged
Sweater: Lands End Cashmere (I am addicted…)
Belt: Torrid
Shoes: Born

Snugbug MMM14 Day 16


Since I’m a total geek and just downloaded the newest version of Photoshop… I went ahead and made a calendar! It’s a lot easier this time around…. all the pictures are perfectly square (thank you Instagram!!)

MMM14 SnugbugOh… and a sneak peek of my rose dress which will heretofore be known as the Lucille Ball dress. I bought about eight yards of rose-colored quilting fabric years ago and since it came home with me, I’ve designated the dress-to-be as the Lucille Ball dress…..

Here’s the dress on the form:

Lucille Ball dressAnd here’s the beyond-evil lining. Also, evil hound dog impeding my attempts to finish the zipper…

Lucille Ball liningIsn’t that an awesome-pants combo??

Alright! Off I go to enjoy the weekend! Ya’ll have a good one!!










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