Hey chickpeas! I’m hailing you from a small town in Virginia. And I’ve been living the last few weeks with clothes enough to last for a weekend trip, not enough knitting and an air mattress.

See… a few weeks ago I packed up me and Peppermint the basset hound with my almost done Myrna, a few dresses, tanks and a pair of shorts. We were going to check out the new digs that foresterman had procured.

This is the street outside the window of the coffeeshop where I am right now.


I’m from a small town, although I’ve been a city girl for years. I’m used to small towns that look like that, or sort of like that. But back where I’m from, there’s a lot of empty store fronts behind all the charm. This town is full of antique shops and restaurants.

Oh. And this. Which I can’t wait to do! I want to see a ghost so much!


So as many of you know (especially if you and I are buddies on Instagram)… I’ve spent a lot of time here in Virginia over the last few months. Foresterman has a sweet little apartment with yellow brick and awesome details!

1740307_766527393377425_381926665_n Snugbug05 Snugbug04

I love visiting, but the apartment is a bit cramped and most importantly… when I was in Virginia, Miss Peppermint had to go to sleepaway camp. Of course, she’s a traitor-dog and always acted like she won the lottery when I dropped her off (those East Nashville hipsters know how to treat a basset hound right), but I was tired of the $36 dollar a night hotel fee and how her ears would always be all gooped up after a few days of making out with other dogs. Lucky for me (maybe not so much for Pepper, who enjoys a good makeout session), the NEW Virginia digs are puppy friendly!

And oddly, also yellow and green. Apparently, my man loves him some charming yellow abodes….

Snugbug07Isn’t that just the sweetest house in the world? I’m so in love with it! Pepper loves it too, as the porch allows for prime puppy gargoyling. Here she is enjoying her basset hound patrol…

Snugbug08So. Back to the three outfits and almost finished Myrna. I’d planned to just come for the weekend, but foresterman needs to be out of his apartment by the end of the month, so I decided to stick around and help with the move.

That also explains the air mattress. I’m camping out at the puppy friendly, unfurnished new place. And it’s given me a lot to think about. I’m the most hoardy homebody in the world. I like my stuff. I like organizing it. And looking at it. I like that I have a million options if I decide to sew something or knit something. I love that I have something like 75 dresses (sewists, amiright?) and that, coupled with my obsession with always wearing matching underoos (four undies to one bra is my formula when I buy sets. What’s yours?) Well – I seriously could go two months without having to wash clothes.

At home I have all my knitting needles. I have a good supply of odd craft bits for any hairbrained schemes that come in my head. My pantry is pretty well stocked with dry goods. I own about 15 pillows, so I can prop myself into any sort of comfy position I want. There are magazines and books. Lots of printer paper and extra ink. I like it that way.

And there are Sharpies. Lots and lots of Sharpies. In different colors.

Oh, and then there’s wifi. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon instant video and the extended versions of Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter for when I’m tired of binge watching Twin Peaks and the X-Files.

And here I am, sleeping on an air mattress! I have to wash clothes every few days and I have to go to a coffee shop to use my laptop. And work. There are two plates, two bowls and one knife at the new place. Along with a small patio table and two of those stadium sling chairs that I’m always sure are going to collapse under my weight.

And chickpeas, I love it! We sit on the patio at night and I knit and we chat and foresterman reads a book. And smokes a cigar. We watch Peppermint watching the neighbors and the errant bugs. It’s nice. I’m not much of a multi-tasker, but if I’m knitting, I’m usually watching TV or listening to an audiobook. It’s strange for me to just…. knit. I know we all talk about how meditative it is, but I’ve never really been all that meditative. I just feel very lazy if I’m doing nothing with my hands. Knitting keeps my hands busy, but I’m finding that it also keeps my mind in an odd stasis, almost like dreaming. I don’t obsess. My mind just… wanders.

I wonder… I’m prone to insomnia and at three or four in the morning I am prone to paranoia and everything seems bigger than it looks the next morning. I send silly emails. Maybe I should knit instead of trying to distract myself with books when I can’t sleep. Or sending silly emails.

In any case. Here I am. Wearing a maxi dress that I’ve already worn three times in the last week. And the world hasn’t ended. I finished my ivory Myrna and the next day foresterman and I went in search of a yarn shop and I got enough slate grey baby alpaca to make another Myrna. I’m almost done with the body of her already.

Here’s Ivory – unblocked. What a great pattern!

Snugbug02 Snugbug01We’ve also done some fun exploring. Foresterman is ALWAYS up for a stop at a fabric shop! They’re mostly quilt shops around here, but what charm! We stopped at one in Fairfield that was in a log cabin! With wonderful stenciled pine floors and the coolest classroom I’ve ever seen.

Snugbug21 Snugbug20 Snugbug19And, guys? There’s a shop right here in Staunton that is amazeballs. I will definitely be returning to this in person and with the blog, but it is full of the most amazing vintage and art quilts. The shop owner quilts with hand-dyed silks and then does very, very cool quilting that sort of reminds me of some of what Anna Maria Horner has been doing, but more art than quilt. (I mean that in a very, very nice way – I love AMH’s embroidery work!) The shop also has working looms, spinning wheels… it’s overwhelming in its coolness.

Snugbug17 Snugbug16 Snugbug15

I am dying to try my hand at a pineapple quilt like the one below. Has anyone made one? Paper pieced? I’m not sure the best method.

The bolts of fabric are all vat-dyed nori silk. To die for.

Snugbug14 Snugbug11Here’s a couple of vintage red and white quilts from the shop. I adore red and white quilts!

Snugbug13 Snugbug12Sigh. What loveliness!

So. That’s what I’ve been doing. Ohhh… there’s more. Lots more. I’ve started my own business (are any of you bookeepers? I’m almost ready to cry mercy on Quickbooks!) and have the most awesome clients in the universe. Seriously. You’ll all be hearing more about that over the next few months as I update my website a bit – don’t worry though, I’ll still be blogging away! 

A few more photos… this is a view of the Allegheny mountains from the porch at the new Pepper-friendly place! What a view!

Snugbug09And from the nearby Barren Ridge vineyard… can’t wait to watch the sunset with a glass of wine here!









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