Hey there care bears! First off… let me lead off with an across-the-board confession (ballyhooed across the land) that I have absolutely no idea what’s what in the land of fashion these days. I can’t remember the last time I was even in an Anthropologie to check out the cool interior seam finishings. I have no idea if we’re still heading down the 80’s/90’s row, although I’ve seen a preponderance of tweens in shockingly new looking frosted jeans recently.

Frosted jeans. Just thinking of them brings me back to 7th grade.

What I CAN tell you is that the last week or two, I’ve been in an autumn state of mind. Until today it’s been hot’n’sticky and honestly – I’ve been far, far away from my native frozen wasteland for a few years now. Gone are the days of leaves turning in August and snow coming by Halloween. When I was in Texas fall lasted for about four days the week before Thanksgiving. I keep asking Jeff when the leaves will turn and he tells me not ’till October.

But nevertheless. I feel like fall’s coming on.

And that means it’s time to do a little wardrobe obsession!

Here’s what’s got me going right now. Granny chic.

The Snugbug Granny Chic
The Snugbug Granny Chic


Isn’t that to die for? I mean.. have you ever seen anything so wonderful?

Seriously. For the past few years here’s how I’ve dealt with seasonal dressing: Summers are for just-under the knee skirts and maxi dresses. I like to be able to sit down without the back of my thighs becoming permanently one with chair, so a little length helps. And maxi dresses… love them.

But come winter my staples are leggings or tights and tall boots. And I really dislike longer skirts with leggings, so short skirts are where it’s at.

But I fell in LOVE with that dress when I saw it while Pinteresting. It’s the perfect length with tall boots for winter!

Once I saw that picture, I immediately fell down the bunny hole of looking for more. Have any of ya’ll been reading the Dottie Angel blog? It’s lovely…

The Snugbug Granny Chic



The Snugbug Granny Chic

The Snugbug Granny Chic

I just love the layering with the slips underneath. It’s a bit in the line of my beloved 90’s babydoll look, but I’m really loving the 70’s petticoat vibe with a little longer hem.

I know, I know… this is where I’m heading with this…

laura ingalls

I included a precursory pattern search to support this new obsession. Here’s a likely candidate…


I’m not in love with those big, loose sleeves, though. Also. Vintage patterns aren’t something I’ve worked with a lot.

This look reminded me a bit of the Serendipity Studios patterns. Even though I usually find these too “crafty” for my taste, I stopped by to take a look and found this lovely, but no sleeves…

Tara Grey Eyelet

So whaddaya say? Is it time for me to embrace my true nature of petticoat wanna be? Seems a fitting time, having moved into a new, small, charming town.

Speaking of which, for those of you who follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you might have seen some hints of really, really big Snugbug news coming your way! The cat’s not QUITE out of the bag, but will be in the next few days, so if you aren’t already following me there, hop on over and jump on board! You wont’ want to miss what’s next!


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