Hey ya’all! The first two weeks at the shop have been awesome!! Jeff and I are meeting wonderful people and to make things even better, my mom’s coming for her first visit to Virginia this week!

Now that the shop’s open, the plan is for Jeff to be the guy behind the counter while I focus on being the girl behind the laptop. I have an awesome office-slash-sewing-room at home, but we have the whole second floor of our building where the shop is and like the idea of staying in close proximity to each other (Peppermint likes that idea too.) So we’re using one of the upstairs rooms at the shop as the office and shipping area. Also, coffee break room.

I’ve been day dreaming about my new office space. The room already has hardwoods and a wall of built-in shelving, so what’s needed is some lovely and FUNCTIONAL office furniture and accessories. Here’s some of my favorites from pin-sessing…

Snugbug Workspaces

img | Sylvie Liv

Some of the details that I love from this one from Sylvie Liv… [1] TONS of toolboxes!! [2] the pipe shelving is DIY (click through to find the tutorial!) I fell in love with pipe table/shelving DIY’s when we were plotting to move into our house. We ended up finding all the furniture we needed for the house (no need to build anything) but I love the look – all industrial with rough-looking wood planks.

Snugbug Workspaces

image | houseofpictures.dk

I just loved the casual jumble of this one from houseofpictures.dk. Check out that wonderful basket peeking in on the left and the crate underneath – perfect place for giant, stupid three-ring binders!

Snugbug Workspaces

image | eclecticallyvintage.com

Sigh… love the industrial cart-table… wouldn’t THAT be an awesome find!? I also spy a lot of Ikea organization going on underneath. Nice idea to ‘build’ an enclosed end with file boxes. Best part is the small bench ON the work surface. Perfect for holding tools up and out of the way. If I ever get a giant cutting table again, there will definitely be a tool-bench involved!

Snugbug Workspaces

image | contentinacottage.com

OK. I’m mostly including this one because I’m a sucker for small spaces! Love all the basket and jar storage! Also – good use of space to get a sewing table with a platform for the base. More storage spots! My sewing machine table has a similar design and there’s plenty of room to deal with the foot pedals under the platform (plus the mess is hidden!) Also… there are lots of thrift-shop-find console tables with this design that look awesome with some chalk paint. Reminder to keep you eyes (and mind) open when shopping for furniture.


image | whippycake.com

This is just part of a lovely commercial studio (click the image to see even more eye candy!) Another example of a great work table that utilizes a shelf underneath for more storage. This table could probably be built fairly easily from hardware store galvanized pipe (google ‘pipe tables’ for a million tutorials… or actually, Pinterest search it…don’t google it…)

Snugbug Workspaces

image | carlaaston.com

Alright – not only do I love the modern, simple lines of the white table mixed with the antique glass cabinets, but here’s another example of the low-down shelf (guess that’s my thing today. Note. To. Self.) Don’t have a shelf? Just stick a board up in there!

Seriously, I love this room with the mix of old and new, lots of natural texture and a natural fiber rug (do I repeat myself?)

Obviously, though… no REAL person would sit on that bench to use that laptop… right?

Snugbug Workspaces

image | atlantahomesmag.com

I saved this one for the last because after this has remained my favorite workspace photo for years. The one I keep coming back to. Dark floors, practical modern shelving. Baskets to hide stuff in – see how these folks make use of the laundry-basket sized baskets for the low-down shelving?

Also… shopcat. Who can resist a shopcat?

Peppermint. That’s who!


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