Oooooo… this is a fun time of year!! We’re ramping up our stock. In fact, once we get in our pending orders, we’ll have nearly DOUBLE the stock that we had at the beginning of the month!

Most of what we carry in the shop is vintage or antique and one-of-a-kind…. that said, we do order in new things that complement our style and aren’t available vintage (i.e…. picture frames, office accessories, candles…) If there’s something we really love and can get a reproduction at a more accessible price… we do. But we mark them clearly as reproduction… and who can resist an affordable shoo-fly!

This week most of our new arrivals are of the brand-new variety. We love the use of type as a decorative element, and you’ll see a lot of that here! We have a few vintage items too, though… so no worries there!!

Lets’ get started!! {Click the pictures to get the pricing information… or just see all the new arrivals here!!)

Mason Jar Lamp & Candlelight bulbs

OK. Full disclosure… this was our first major mess-up with ordering. I was looking for some cute lamps for the shop – these fit the bill. We have two in the shop… so I ordered what I thought was 3 bags of three candlelight bulbs. Except I actually ordered three boxes of 12 bulbs!!

Folks, we are SET for candlelight bulbs! But they’re so cool – they’re dipped in silicone so they look like little wax candles!!




Mason Jar Flower Frogs

I can’t get over how much I love these useful little mason jar lids! These ones are ‘barn roof’ which is a sort of galvanized/weathered look – perfect for flower arranging! (or knitting needle arranging, straw display, pen cups….)



Owl Candles

Folks, you’re going to have to take my word for this… but if you like candles that are spicey, sandalwood, campfire… that sort of thing – these ones are to DIE FOR!! The scent is called ‘cracked pepper’ but it’s not going to make you sneeze. Promise. The candles are 4.5″ tall and have a 50 hour burn time. They come in cream, light grey (not shown), taupe and teal (mint?)



Push Pins! #1, #2, #3, #4

These are so awesome, ya’ll!! They’re 2″ tall and ceramic – they have a sort of chalky/dusty feel. They come in sets of four and are just about the coolest thing….


Organizing Bins

I love to organize. A lot. These little desk bins KILL ME!! They’re stackable (well, if you’re careful) with a back/front compartment. Perfect for bric-a-brac on the desktop!!


Paper Mache Birds

We love vintage newsprint, book pages and music… these paper mache birds bring it all together! These little birds are made from reproduction newsprint – and the bird even hops out of the nest!!


Farm Animal Coasters

OK folks… this is one of those ones that we got because…. I want them at home. I love farm animals and our current coasters are worn out. These are great! They are made from a hard plastic/resin material that will stand up to moisture. And, well. Pigs.



Measuring ‘tape’

I’ve always loved printed twill tape with the inches ticked off. This is especially nice – 10 yards of 1/2″ cotton printed tape on a wood spool. Perfect for projects and EXTRA perfect for the crafty one on your Christmas list!


Knitted Blanket

I am always on the hunt for good, neutral cozy textiles for the living room… these blankets fit the bill perfectly! 67″ long the are perfect for sofas and armchairs.



We love organizing… and these hooks fit the bill. They come in two ‘varieties’… ‘123’ or ‘456’…. They are super heavy duty (think cast iron) and would be great on the wall or attach to a piece of reclaimed wood for something extra special!



Let’s Get Vintage…

As I said, we DO have a few new vintage things (actually, there’s tons, but I only took a few pictures!!)

This week it was all about pitchers – I love pitchers for flowers. Ironstone’s my favorite, but we have a great aluminum option too! And a sweet little hot chocolate pot. These can be found in vintage/thrift shops all the time and it’s hard to tell the difference between chocolate and coffee pots. One things to look at is the spout – long and arching, it’s probably coffee. Short and sweet = chocolate!






Whew! That was a lot, wasn’t it?? Hope you love the new line-up, we sure do!










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