How are you all doing on your holiday preparations? We’ planning a ‘couples Thanksgiving’ (steaks and good sides instead of all the turkey and trimmings) so I’m all about Christmas these days! Today was our last day off ’till after Christmas and Jeff and I spent it wandering the countryside, soaking in some sun and gobbling a tasty papusa snack in Charlottesville (El Tepeyac, if you’re close by and curious!)

Funny note: WordPress would prefer papacies to papusas. Like ‘papacies’ is a commonly-used term…

Anyhoo. We stopped off on the way over to Cville at a place recommended to us by our friend Lindsay…Greenwood Antiques & Uniques.

The place did NOT disappoint – lots of cute stuff and our friend Dawn at Rule 42 has a booth there, which I’d known, but forgot until I recognized one of her pieces!!

There were tons of cute decorating ideas in the booths, some of which we might pull together for the shop (or maybe the house)… I snapped a couple of pictures to share. I didn’t think to jot down the name of the booths – but since all the booths are equally as cute… just head out there and check them all out!!

Here’s my #1 decorating crush for the day – little trees in mason jars! Gahhhh!!! After a quick Pinterest perusal, it seems lots of folks are using epsom salt for the snow. Now that I’m saying that… it must be only on the ‘right side up’ ones – holy mess, batman, if on the upside down ones! I know there are some teeny trees across the street from our shop at 17 E. Beverley Antiques – at least, I think they were there last week when we were on the hunt for tinsel. My thought is wool roving would make good ‘snow’ for the upside down version. I also think pinecones instead of tiny trees would be super cute!

Ball Jar holiday decoration

Love the twine tied around the lid-base!

Next up, an oldie but a goodie… rag garland. This is one of those things that I usually think is cute but just a teeny bit too country for my taste. But there was something about this example that I loved – partially all the white fabrics and also that it’s done on a string of white lights. Potential fire hazard aside, I just love the white, fluffy, twinkliness of it!

Snugbug Rag Garland

Last up is a two-for one!! I LOVE this completely Anthro-vibed pine bough and burlap getup on the dress form. It smelled heavenly and hey! we just got a vintage dress form in the shop! Plus, check out the lovely chicken coop and twinkle light confection in the background… we have one of those in the shop too (so don’t be surprised to see our attempts at both of these next time you stop in!) One of the reasons I love chicken coops is the mix of the super rough wood and all the cool ways you can ‘fill it up’!!


Isn’t it all so pretty! Be sure to check out Greenwood Antiques & Uniques if you get the chance!!

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