Hey old friends and new! We’re going to head back to the Snugbug blog roots, old school today.

I am obsessed with a new sewing project.

For my OLD friends… thanks so much or sticking with me over the last few years!! While I’ve been moving, sorting and moving…. I sort of forgot about how much I like plotting and sewing.

I finished a dress tonight. And oh, yeah.


So. Without further ado, let’s crowdsource my next obsession.




Have you ever seen anything more lovely? Including sunrises and sleepy puppy eyes?

I must have one.

So. To the plotting. Since I have to at least START with a pattern. I can add on ruffles like a crazy person but must start with pattern!

For the ‘slip’/ dress underneath… I’m unreasonably excited. When we took the lease on our shop, we replaced very pretty white flouncy curtains with very boring burlap ones. So I have about 372 yards of white polyester in my possession. That, my assorted friends and bumble bees, is going to make a ROCKING under-dress. While I normally do not enjoy polyester and OBVIOUSLY would love to make my underdress from 9 yards of silk chiffon…. I am not actually insane.

And I want to wear my curtains, ya’ll. Those of you who know me may know that I love me some Scarlett O’Hara dresses. Let’s consider this my homage…

To Scarlett. As well as our shop. As god as my witness.

For the pattern, I sorted through my already-owned stuff and found this lovely that I used to make a shirt for my mom a few years ago….


Sort of lame-o, I know, but the simple shift on the cool yoke suits my fancy. I’ll add some length. And ruffles. check out the detail on THESE ruffles… these aren’t just a double line of super-long basting stitches gathered up…




There are gathers in those ruffles.

I’m going to need to stock up on slippery silk thread. To wrangle my polyester curtains into a similar work of art.

Oh, stop laughing. I can do it. Hand-stitching vertical gathers into poly ruffles is NOT crazytown!

For the over-dress/coat, I’m thinking I’ll start with this pattern, also in my possession due to my never-ending pursuit of the perfect 90’s babydoll.


Sigh – remember this lovely? It was about 8″ too short for reasonable wear. And ugh, cheap, terrible fabric. I’d totally forgotten I’d added that black lace hem. Good grief, my taste is, if nothing else, consistent.


Seriously What a distressing flashing of leg flesh. Note how I didn’t link to the original post. If you want to see the whole thing, you’ll have to find it for yourself. It was in April. Many moons ago. I was such a silly thing (although loved floppy dresses over slips even then…)

Oh, OK. Here’s the link. Smirk all you want. I still own those floosie heels, but spend more time in the Frye-ish boots. And will continue to do so.

Back to the plotting. The McCalls 7523 is pretty shapeless, but I think it will be a good base to start from for the overdress – Shift the placket to make it off-center, scoop out the hem to make is curvy… NO problem. Oh, also – the pattern I have includes gathers at the waist, and I’ll want to have a shaped skirt, no waist gathers. Wax paper and french curve, here I come.

And/or… I need a better base pattern.

Or… wait… remember this coat? The Sound of Music Coat??



Guys, I LOVED that coat. I MADE THOSE BUTTONS…. and I lost it.

But there’s a good story! There was a cab ride. In London. It was three hours long and we were airborn more than once. I couldn’t get out of that damn cab fast enough and in a Harold and Maude way, if I was going to lose the coat… what a place to lose it.

But ANY way, with a relaxed fabric and a scalloped hem… Maybe this is JUST this ticket. Oh, also…. less collar.

What think you???

So! Here’s my next obsession. A Scarlett O’Hara underdress with a 90’s overdress. Thoughts? Suggestions? Better patterns to start from?



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