Hey sewing friends! I’ve got the sewing bug in a bad, bad way!

So for those of you who miss my meandering, never-finished sewing projects…. here we go again!

For those of you who are new, if you enjoy sewing and witnessing another person undergoing varying levels of thread-related obsession… come along for the ride!

After posting about coats and dresses a few weeks ago I fell down a bit of a rabbit hole. I started out just admiring the look of a few outfits, then learning more about designers, then learning more about lagenlook style.

It was never ending.

And I found a lot to love. Tons of details, layering, simple patterns with room for thoughtful touches. Antique buttons and trims

That’s where I’m headed.

I decided to grab a selection of patterns and fabrics and put together a plan to sew a small collection of garments that will work well with each other and work well for my preferred cold weather style.

The classic lagenlook style that I’m vibing on right now tends to be very oversized and asymmetric. Maybe I’ll revisit in another blog post, but in the meantime… Lagenlook is a very layered vibe – think Marcy Tilton Vogue Patterns.

I actually don’t like oversized OR asymmetric all that much! After snooping around the googles for a while, I found that I’m very fond of labels Ivey Abitz along with Magnolia Pearl (click ‘mute’ before hopping over to the Magnolia Pearl site!). Ivey Abitz veers a bit more towards the Victorian/Steampunk prairie look, while Magnolia Pearl is a little bit more bohemian flower child prairie.

Both are worth checking out!

While I like what both designers are doing, during the cold months I prefer shorter hemlines worn with tights or leggings, long socks and tall boots. Once it gets warmer, I might go for some of the longer hemlimes that will look cute with my Dansko’s, but for the winter, I like it short.

So. Inspiration in hand, I looked through my pattern stash and some other possibilities. Here’s what I was looking for:

Simple, scoop-necked dress with wide-strap tank styling – something I can wear without a cardi and not show off my underoo straps. I wanted horizontal bust darts and all one-piece construction – no waist seam. I plan to add shaping by adding ties that I can tie behind my back.

I also wanted a simple long coat pattern with set in sleeves. I didn’t care if the coat had a collar that I like – I can draft that. I’m not so good at sleeves, though, so I wanted the basics at first.

For the first two items (scoop neck simple dress and long coat pattern with set-in sleeves) I found Simplicity 4789. It’s SUPER basic, comes in larger sizes (although I’ll still start with a smaller size and FBA up) and had the dress and coat I was looking for. I found an uncut copy on ebay for under five dollars (free shipping!) and placed the order.

The next thing I wanted was a pattern for bloomers – a VERY classic lagenlook garment that seems both cute and fun to wear! There’s lots of great options out there, particularly with Tina Given’s pattern line, but I already own Burda 8143 which has the perfect shape! I think I’ll add some of the styling (cuff-ruffles) from Tina Given’s Plinka pants.

I also wanted some basic leggings and a shell, and what luck! The most recent edition of Colette’s seamwork has JUST the ticket with the Manila Leggings and Savannah Camisole. I plan on making up the leggings as drafted, but will add some length to the cami to maked it a knee length slip.

Whew!! Patterns decided, it was time for fabric. I pulled fabrics from a mix of what I already had on hand and some great Joann’s finds from this weekend. I stocked up on cotton gauze, some homespun checks and a linen blend floral for one of the dresses.


So here’s the first outline of what’s next. I’ve decided on the designs & fabrics. My plan is to try to get one garment a week, plus finishing time. For this round I want to take the time to really focus on good sewing. French seams, hand hemming, vintage trims and buttons. I’m really looking forward to mixing the fairly simple patterns with more elaborate fixings!



Woo hoo! So fun, guys! Jeff is totally excited about the project too and is going to help keep me in line (i.e. get things done!) Plus he’s got his OWN sewing project brewing… I’ve been teaching him to sew and he wants to start working on tote bags with leather handles… more on that soon!

And if you want to follow along with my completely random plotting – here’s the Pinterest board for my 2015 wardrobe plan and here’s the Pinterest board for the spring sprint!

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