As you may have read in our newsletter or elsewhere on our blog…Jeff and I are working together to cut grains, sugar, dairy and alcohol for 30 days (following the Whole30 approach.) One of the worst, drag-my-feet part of cutting dairy for a whole month had to do with coffee. I love coffee, ya’ll. But only with half-and-half. I’ve always joked that if I was down to my last $2, I’d probably spend it on cream for my coffee over anything else. So the idea of black coffee for a month was beyond awful. I decided to go without any coffee versus putting up with black coffee.

I’m sure lots of you have heard about Bulletproof Coffee… that (plus Bone Broth) seems to be THE 2015 food trend right now! I got the idea while making breakfast to just TRY my coffee with a little coconut oil. I poured the coffee over the coconut oil to melt it, tried it and loved it! The richness of the coconut cut the bitterness that made black coffee so nasty for me.

For those of you who like specifics… I had one huge mug full of coffee (probably about 16 oz) and added about one tablespoon of coconut oil.

I even did THAT one better! I had taken out our Magic Bullet (yeah, we have one, so what??) to make a sauce for dinner. I threw the coffee and coconut oil into the Magic Bullet and pulsed it a few times…

Folks, it’s divine. There’s something about the air that gets ‘beat in’ that takes a tasty black coffee and makes it into a SUPER creamy, latte-like drink!

I can promise you this… No matter what happens after our Whole30, I won’t be going back to nasty half-and-half that was starting to bother my stomach! (hello 40… goodbye dairy)


If any of you are already doing or interested in doing Whole30 with Jeff and I, shoot us an email! If enough folks are up to it, we’d love to do a Facebook group!

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