We’re so excited about this, guys! We’ve ‘expanded’ over the mountains!

You might remember last Christmas, I posted about our fun trip to Greenwood Antiques & Uniques. If you haven’t been there yet, GO! Well, I mean… if you like the stuff in our shop, you will definitely, 100% love Greenwood! Plus the drive out is through some of the most lovely scenery around here!

When Jeff and I stopped by last Christmas we both knew that if we were to open up a booth space, this was where we wanted to be. Most of the vendors are loaded down (up?) with shabby furniture (painted and primitive), ironstone, transferware, vintage linens and tons of other primitive, cool stuff. It’s our kind of place!

So we decided to go ahead and join the Greenwood family. Our booth is on the second floor (head up the stairs and walk straight ahead until you can’t walk anymore. Turn around. There we are…) For now, we just have one of the smaller spaces while we figure out what Greenwood will like best, but we love it! Best part? We’re right next door to one of our favorite Staunton businesses, Rule 42!!

Here’s a few snapshots of our booth. If you’re closer to C’Ville than Staunton, please drop us a note if something on our website or newsletter catches your eye – we can bring on out your way. We expect we’ll be out there a few times a month, adding new things and making our space pretty.

Snugbug Mercantile @ Greenwood Antiques Snugbug Mercantile @ Greenwood Antiques Snugbug Mercantile @ Greenwood Antiques Snugbug Mercantile @ Greenwood Antiques

Thanks so much to Tara and Kerry and the gang for giving us such a warm welcome!!

Find Greenwood Antiques & Uniques online…

Snugbug Mercantile @ Greenwood Antiques

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