Greetings friends!

OK. Full disclosure. I’ve spent 9.3 of the last 48 hours fine tuning this website. To make it perfect.

To be sure,  9.3 hours isn’t all that much. I mean, it’s barely over a ‘regular’ workday for folks with jobs. Well, non-workaholic folks with jobs where they get a paycheck. From someone else.

For me, it’s a bit excessive to spend 9.3 hours on one thing in the course of 48 hours. Not only do I need to devote a sizeable amount of time to snoozing, we’ve gotten in a few orders at the vintage home shop I run with my husband. My mom’s in town for an extended visit, and yesterday I met with a client after being on semi-vaction for the last few weeks. Also, it’s tax day.

We had to file an extension.

And yet I adjusted and updated this website. There WERE quite a few spelling errors, and last night while binge-watching-blue-bloods-and-working-on-the-website I accidentally saved over a whole bit of copy that I’d just finished on the services page, so there was that to rewrite.

But honestly, I’d jumped into the website, just to spruce it up, give it a last go-over and start getting it OUT there. Because I like it. And I want to find one or two perfect clients to work with on their small business.

Here’s the thing: I tend to be a bit obsessive, very much in my head. And a ‘fraidy cat. Over the past five years, I’ve blogged and blogged and put myself ‘out there’ online, but for some reason, putting a professional website out there was a bit scary for me to show up.

It was more fun to redo my blog header. One more time.

So, here we are. I think I’ve caught most of the spelling errors (isn’t proofing your OWN copy the worst?) I like the message. I like the pictures. And after I turned the blog page off and on a few times (do I really want to commit to blogging about the perils and mirth of running a small business??) I’m ready to post this out for the world to see.

This blog post is my last bit of psyching myself up.

If you are a small business owner yourself who likes irreverent writing and marketing, go ahead and bookmark my page. I’ll be updating it with stories from my own (valiant) efforts to run a successful business. Or sign up for my newsletter. I’ve committed.

If you’re a creative, coach or indie retailer and you are looking for help with your marketing – well, I’m back in the market! If you like the look of this (obsessively tweaked) site – then drop me a note and let me know what you’re looking for. Maybe we’re a perfect fit.

And if you’re a friend or family member – hey there! You’re welcome to come along, too. A lot of you are crazy smart and inspirations for me! Isn’t this a fun party?



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