If any of you know me in ‘real life’, you’ll know that I LOVE apps, gadgets and techie things of all kinds. Except for overhead projectors which I cannot operate to save my life. So here we go with a bit of recommended resources!


Wunderlist is a favorite of mine for quick to-do lists as well as the staple for Jeff and I to keep track of groceries and lightbulb needs…. It’s a simple to-do list, but that’s exactly what makes it so perfect! That and it’s wonderful syncing and cross-platform functionality. Here’re some of the reasons I love it…

  • Create quick lists on the fly
  • Lists are available offline, so great for when you’re on the road (or the wing)
  • Easily attach images to the task (snap a picture with your iPhone)
  • Super easy sharing – Jeff and I use it at home to keep track of groceries we need, and the best part is the alerts! I get a note when he adds something and we can see when the other person ticks something off the list!
  • This app is truly cross-platform. There’s a web version, or apps for PC, Mac, Android and iOS. We used to be a household with one of each of those (now we’re 100% Apple) and we found that the PC/Android apps were a bit buggy with the synching.
  • Cost – for most features it’s free. For $4.99 per month per user you can upgrade to the ‘Pro’ version which adds more file space (for attachments), more subtasks and unlimited assigning of tasks to folks on your team.

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